Saturday, December 13, 2008

Interview and stuff.

Here is a link to an interview I did a few weeks ago:

Here is a music video Zak discovered last night that I really like:

If you haven't seen the trailer for Kimberly Kane's "Live in My Secrets" yet, I'm disappointed in you.

And, yeah, hasn't been updated in a long time.
That's because I was traveling a lot and since then have been very very sick.
Sick enough that I'll be having surgery after Christmas.
So don't hold it against me. The site is free, remember?
In a couple of months, when I'm feeling better (maybe sooner if we are all lucky) Mandy will probably be back.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

From my Suicide Girl Journal

Copy and pasted from my Suicide Girl journal.

Okay, about my fan mail from the other day. This one:

[B] From B..... to me

Hello,i em big fan of you and you body,and i want to ofer you 50.000$ in
cash to sex with you.I em european bizznismen(milionare) and i em
in Miami Beach FL,so if you interested i send you mine pics to see
me.Please this is not joke or something i em real and money is not
problem.My name is B.... and i have 29 years,please answer me.[/B]

While I am convinced that this was sent to me by an obnoxious asshole trying to insult or provoke me, Zak reminded me that it [I]could[/I] actually be a real person, making a real request (however fucked up, misguided, or asshole-ish it may be).

While I would like to provide those of you who asked with the entertainment a conversation with this person could generate....

I wasn't going to send any response anyhow--not my style really, but I certainly can't bring myself to fuck with a possible "someone" who's reasons for proposing to pay me just to fuck him may be pitiable and not laughable.

The obnoxious asshole however confused he may be is laughable, but how can you tell?

If I were to reply ever to something like this though, my response would be something along the lines of:

I have a t-shirt, male size large, with me on it, topless. Will that do instead of sex? I'll sign it if you like.
Only $10, 000 and ......

Then a long list of insane items and conditions.

Last night Zak helped me create my first ever D&D character. (Zak's the dungeon master, obviously)
And yes, we are going to play with a luscious porn star/fetish model and her drummer boyfriend. I am pretty excited. And nervous. We will play when we get back from the east coast. Next week. (Supposed to leave tomorrow morning, early.)
I have never played before. But I have played lots of video games and they seem to have been based on D&D.

I haven't slept in a very long time and I may end up being too sick to get on a plane. And thinking also possibly too ill to be left alone. But we have plane tickets and hotel reservations and family obligations and Miami....

I miss a bunch of girls who live far away. I even miss girls who live nearby.

And somehow I am looking forward to holidays in Canada. I have this notion that this year will be sparkly-er and glittery-er and warmer and better smelling than holidays have been in a long time. I am hoping it's a sign that things are going well for me (aside from my body/health slowly but steadily deteriorating a little bit more every day). I want to smell ice and winter and nothing alive outside and feel invigorated and then go inside somewhere glittery and warm and be sleepy and safe.

Or that's all a sign that I've been really sick for a long long time and am desperate for some extravagant and actually non existent form of comfort.

Like a cure, or even just a cause. I could work with a cause.

P.S: I got to dance one night with Starla and have been sick in bed almost constantly since.

P.P.S: I still have prints for sale and also signed calenders. Suicide Girl Zoli, Joanna Angel, Justine Joli (I <3 Justine), and Darenzia are all in this calender too. Skip back a few posts and there's a link about it. It's the one where I'm Tank Girl.

Also, a note: I really truly admire Kimberly Kane. I think she is a genius when it comes to smut. Check out her Bad Advice blog to see one of the most beautiful, stylish, artistic and sexiest trailers for a porno movie ever made. I think it has real sex appeal, not like porno sex appeal, true human sex appeal. I can't wait to see it.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Stripping in Hollywood Right Now

Suicidegirl Starla and I are dancing at Crazy Girls strip club in Hollywood RIGHT NOW (Sunday night nov 23).

Come see us, it's sunday night and the club is dead and we are bored.

(Or just post your excuse for not being here in the comments.)

Saturday, November 22, 2008


So I'm in a calender. Shot by Ellen Stagg.
(Copy and paste!)

They also made Mandy Morbid as Tank Girl t-shirts. Which is pretty nifty.

In other news, I'm in the beginning stages of re-building/re-designing

I could tell you all about it now. But I think I'll make you all wait.

Oh, also, I have prints for sale. Please e-mail me if you're interested.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

I am back in L.A and the new bouncy king size bed has been assembled and appropriately baptized. Fuck you Ikea futon. All the piles of clothes that were thrown everywhere in my apartment as I packed for New York and Berlin have been put away. A giant pile of laundry is waiting for me to start washing it now. I literally haven't been home for a month.

Zak Smith/Sabbath and I went to New York at the beginning of October for his show "Midnight in the Empire" (still up at Fredericks and Freiser Gallery NYC) and were there for nearly 2 weeks. After than we flew back to L.A only to be at home for six hours and then fly back to NYC to catch our flight to Berlin. Which is where we've been with the exception of a very quick and very strange side trip to Gyor and Budapest in Hungary, until now.

Ah..home. Zak broke my full length mirror putting the new bed together and I've gotta go dispose of it.

In 3 days I leave again for Canada to see my family (who I miss) while Zak is off teaching at art colleges all over the place.

Here is an excerpt from Suicide Girl Temper's journal about the orgy we all (her, me, Zak and her boy Inge) had while in New York, after shooting our multi (for SG).

"#2: The orgy.

It occured on our last day, after the worst show in recent history. We went to see Killing Joke, see ZakSmith's journal for the lame and horrid details.
We fled as soon as possible, because peeing, talking to Simon, the random english punkrocker with superiority complex, and having soup was much more pleasing than seeing another minute of The Worst Joke ever, and Inge got into his fatalistic mood when all is doom and nothing will ever be good again.

"We spent out last money on a super retarded show!", he complained, "it was way too expensive and why is there no punkrock in this city, anyway? It's our last night and nothing happened at all and all time is completely wasted for all time and forever and what are we gonna do now with no money and totally sober and nowhere to go and nothing to do! All is failed! All is useless! I hate all!"

He gets that way sometimes.

So I went back inside to Zak and Mandy and asked what we were going to do, and she said: "We could always just get a hotel room and have an orgy."

Which made perfect sense. So that's what we did.

I like how after you say words like that, everything automatically becomes decadent. Suddenly of course you take a cab even though you haven't once before in the entire stay,


No wait, that was a lie. We took a cab back home from the party after Zak's show, and I could be part of Manko's very first visit to the liquor store, after which she laughed at me since I'm so picky with whisky I buy but upon purchasing cigarettes go: "Please give me the cheapest."

Anyhow, of course you take a cab, and of course you get a hotel room, and even the disdainful american beer you get on the way suddenly has a silver lining of sparkly grandiosity since it's linked to four great looking punk sluts about to have sex with each other.

Why is this my second most important impression? Because it was the most successful, least awkward, least dissapointing, least superfluous or embarrassing orgy I have ever taken part in. Everything worked.
It went on for hours, no one's equipment failed, everyone felt satisfied as far as I know, there was no drama, and everyone looked hot.

It's good to work with professionals."

Thanks Temper!

So that was the main highlight of the New York portion of our trip, shooting again with Bob Coulter, Steve Prue and Ellen Stagg and shooting and hanging out with the very sweet and caring and lovely Justine Joli are among others.

Maybe I'll write about Berlin, Gyor and Budapest next time.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mandy Morbid Sucks at Updating Her Blog.

Yeah, yeah so I've been neglecting my journal duties. I have been ill but I'm beginning to feel better now.

I will get around to responding to recent comments and questions soon. (Keep writing to me people!)

I think will be undergoing some changes soon. Stay tuned.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Nadia Nitro Makes Mandy Cum

-So the reviews are in for "Hospital"--Fleshbot liked it a lot, Gram Ponante said "Hospital succeeds because it is its own thing, a movie that doesn't owe anything to anyone" and called it "a work of genius". So that's good, right?

Yup. I didn't even know there was an review.

-And there are no bad reviews.

Well I'm not exactly looking for reviews, so even if there were I'd be unaware.

-Well I am. Anyway, so what's all this about Nadia Nitro making you cum?

See, I have a website and on it there are dirty videos and in the one that went up this weekend it looks like Nadia Nitro made me cum.

-But usually it's not so...obvious. Like this time it;s like "Jesus, that girl on the internet just came"...

I guess so. What do you want me say about it?

-I want you to say "Well the way I made myself cum was by thinking about all my fans who read my blog bent over their computer screens and how hot they are and it made me cum".

That would be lying. Although I do think about people watching me and that sometimes helps me cum.

-So what's up with this Sarah Palin?

She's a frightening, evil, immoral, anti-woman and if the Republicans win because of her I am leaving the U.S.

-But we love you and looking at your large boobs--what can we do to keep you here?

Vote for Barack Obama.

-Is this rumor that Sarah Palin's Down syndrome baby is actually your baby true?

I wish he was my baby. I know how to take care of special needs babies better than she does I bet.

-You ever have one of those moments where about two hundred things occur to you to say and you feel like you shouldn't say any of them?

Yeah. Well I DID used to take of special needs kids before I did porn.

-Did they wheel their arms and run as hard as they could into your boobs?

Nope. Lots of them couldn't run. And the ones that could never thought of it.

-Did they drool on you?

Not very often.

-I kinda think Sarah Palin herself is special needs--I mean, she doesn't know about evolution, apparently...

Or about how abstinence only education fails. Blatantly fails. On the radio I heard one upset Christian lady saying "How could she be making fun of community organizers? Jesus was a community organizer, Pontius Pilate was a governor." Palin apparently doesn't know anything about her own religion either.

-Did you have an abstinence-only education?

No. I got sex-ed in high school. It could have been better, but it was there at least.

-Well I guess it worked, because from what I see here, you apparently know how to have sex...

And how to not get knocked up at seventeen. And I know how things like condoms work too.

-Did they teach you about how babies are ugly?

I don't think babies are ugly, so I guess not. Doesn't mean I want one of my own though.

-They are ugly. What do you think about how, in Super Mario Kart, if there's a shell or mushroom or banana in the road, then the computer characters can just jump right over it but you can't?

I think that sucks. My shoulders hurt. I'm done blogging.


Sunday, August 31, 2008

Shameless Tribades....and Summer.

To view the whole photos, click on 'em.









Friday, August 22, 2008

Hospital Release Party!

Seriously, the last scene, the threesome with me and Coco and Zak, so so hot.(The rest of the movie is good too, that's just my favorite part.)

If you're in L.A come say "Hi" to us at the Party!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

You Know What's Seriously Awesome? Vaginas...Vaginas are Awesome!

This week the video is...Sex. Yay sex. If you watch you will notice how POV makes my ass look good.

Oh and it was late going up this week. That was my fault. And no, I'm not sorry. I just didn't feel like editing anything the week my sister was visiting.

Okay, news, what's new? "Hospital!" is out! You can order it from the store link on my site, you know--the link that says "Mandy's Store". It's the only feature/dvd that's got me doing boy-girls scenes (I'm in 2 b/g scenes and a b/g/g scene) so check it out. My favorite is the threesome with Zak Sabbath, Coco Velvett and me at the end.

It's hot.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mandy's Sexy Friend Nadia Nitro Comes Over to Play

-So you're making out with Nadia Nitro here. She has a tan--I thought Alt porn girls didn't have tans?

Well Nadia is special.

-Like developmentally delayed? Were you taking advantage of her? Is that legal?

No, like she is allowed to have a tan and be "alt" if she wants to.

-Does she want to?

Apparently. She's fooling around with me, and I'm pale and have a mohawk. It's green today.

-Alright, fine. So what did you do this week?

I went to Disney Land with my sister.

-Does your sister do porn? Is she hot? Is she available?

No she doesn't do porn. Yes she is hot and available.

-So what's her favorite ride?

The Alice in Wonderland ride where you ride in the caterpillars.

-So she likes long green guys who smoke weed?

I always thought that caterpillar was smoking something a little more potent than weed, but whatever, no I think she likes it because it looks like the movie and the movie is based on that book by that pedophile and even though he was a pedophile it's a good book.

-A lot of girls seem to like the stripey socks.

Yes, she likes that too. She also likes the stripey cat.

-So who is your favorite person in Alice In Wonderland?

Me? Hmm...I don't know. I'll think about it and get back to you on that.

-So why didn't you take Nadia to Disneyland?

Because we filmed the Nadia stuff a long time ago, so she wasn't around for Disney Land, she's off feature dancing this week.

-Well I just ask because in the Nadia's Lair ad she has stripey socks...

See, she can be alt. I don't know if Nadia likes Alice in Wonderland though.

-Does she eat pussy in an Alt way?

She just does it a good way.

-Do you have any tips?

Fingers and tongue at the same time is fun.

-So whatcha been reading?

The Wrecking Crew by Thomas Frank. But I only just started it yesterday.

-Any favorite websites right now?

I think this site: is funny.

-What's on there?

It's just really funny or bizarre or fucked up comic book covers.

-Do you like the ones where Wonder Woman is tied up?

I like some of those. Some of them I don't like the art.

-Do you tell the truth when you're tied up?

I don't know, I haven't been tied up in awhile. I don't remember.

-Well when are you getting tied up?

Maybe when my sister isn't around.

-Is there any t.v show you've been watching a lot lately?

Um, last month I watched two seasons of Star Trek Voyager and one of Star Trek Deep Space Nine in like two weeks.

-Who do you like best on there?

Seven of Nine, Tuvok, the Doctor, and sometimes B'Elanna Torres.

-So you don't like humans?

They're less cool than aliens and borg. I like some of the humans in Star Wars, the humans in Star Wars are usually way better than the humans in Star Trek. But I do really like Captain Picard from The Next Generation.

-Voyager is weird because all the characters aren't humans and want to be or don't want to be. What's Nadia's favorite show?

I have no idea what Nadia's favorite show is. She did say she really liked Bridezilla and she thinks Nancy Graves is entertaining.

-Would you ever be a bridezilla?

No, I'm not much into weddings or traditions or anything like that. But I wouldn't want to marry anyone who wouldn't want me to play Darth Vader's theme song as I walked down the aisle. Or even thought marriage was a good idea at all.

-So you would be a Bride Vader?

Yes, which is completely different than a Bridezilla. Not the same at all.

-Who would win?

Who knows, maybe I'll make a porn movie about it.

-Would you try to choke Nadia with a thought?

Yup and I bet she would enjoy it.

-That's weird, do you think that Darth Vader is like always choking girls with his mind when he does them?

I hope only if they like it and want him to. But because the force is strong with him, he would be able to sense if they wanted him to or not. Also, isn't he all robotic and whatnot, can he even fuck at all?

-You raise some complex issues.

Indeed. We should continue this next week perhaps, maybe with some Mandy Morbid fan input.

-Um, so what do you want them to tell you?

I don't care I just felt like writing that. Also I want to write this: Check out to see more of kinky Nadia Nitro.

Monday, July 28, 2008

We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties This Week But Here Is a n Old Video of Mandy's Butt.

So I've been very very busy lately and have neglected my journal. I am sorry. Rest assured I've been up to sexy mischief, some of which you will be able to view in the near future.

I'll write a real blog soon too, I promise!

Next weekend we'll be back to brand new footage too.

If people want to encourage me, they can write up some questions they'd like me to answer, and email 'em to me. I'll answer. Here's an "open question" blog I did for my SG journal a few weeks ago:

O.k---Here's the answers to your questions.
If you requested a photo---you've gotta give me more time to get those posted.

[whiteyford] asked:
-OK...completely off the wall question...what REALLY makes you orgasm? You know...the BIG O, the one where your eyeballs roll up into the back of your head, your back arches in terminal rictus, and your legs shudder uncontrollably?

There are ways to get an answer to that question which might be less boring and typical than mine. Which is, oral or digital stimulation after getting fucked hard. Go check out my website you perv. :P

-What do you miss most about Montreal?

The atmosphere--just seeing the city, the language, the food.

[The Boss] asked:
-Hmm... What do rockout to in the car?

I don't have a car or a driver's license. But when I visit my family there is often sister-and-dad-time-in-the-car music. Which is usually this stuff, loud: Billy Idol, Alice Cooper, Tom Petty, David Bowie, Jethro Tull, Jon Bon Jovi (blush) or Pink Floyd. Because little girls like Daddy's music once in awhile.

[Vivid] wants to know all this stuff:
-Favorite fruit?

Bananas! Pears and dark plums. Mmm.

-Favorite haircolor? Dye used?

Purple and pink. Special Effects"deep purple" and "cupcake pink"

-Oddest thing you can do with your body?

I can lick my own nipples. But generally it's the other way around---my body does odd things to me. Like one of my eyes turned from blue to green when I was 11 or 12.

-Favorite animal?

I like pretty fish. I'm not allergic to them.

-Excited to have Vivid fun time happy hour?

So so excited!! (Suicide Girl Vivid is coming to stay with me for a few days this week!)

[RexArenn] asked these two:
-Is EVERYTHING too generalized? I want to know about the one thing you could change about the current quality of life in America. No pressure. I don't necessary mean the environment or economy. Just whatever you have a strong interest in that you think should be improved upon/made legal/etc.

Yes, EVERYTHING is too general. I would change the quality of and attitude towards health care. Then education. Then other stuff.

-Here's a weird question: If you could design your own family with CELEBRITIES, who would you choose and why?

Um, my brain gets all lazy and stubborn when asked to think about celebrities. It doesn't like doing it. I'm sorry but I've gotta just skip this question.

byebyegoodeye] wants:
-movies that you recommend? Another set would be lovely

Another set IS on the way. I would recommend "Encounters at The End of The World" and the new Marvel movies, Iron Man and The Hulk. (New set will be up in member review on August 5th, shot by Steve Prue!)

[Jayhel] asked:
-IF you could go anyware in the world, where would it be and why?

That awesome city at the beginning of The Hulk, in Brazil I think. If that place is real I want to go there. Because it's beautiful. And Budapest properly. Because I didn't have time to see much of it the first time I was there.

[Vidocq] said:
-Do you want to try my sybian ?

The offer is appreciated, but those things intimidate me. And I tend to prefer people to toys.

[trojan91] want to know:
-I'd like to know if you'll do a Diablo III related set if/when it's released?

It's certainly a possibility.

[Enni] wants to know:
-Who is your favourite sg?

My favorites are listed just like everyone else's, but [Temper] reigns supreme at the moment because she did that fantastic tentacle set, and no SG writes a better journal entry than she does.

[Meagan] asked:
-Where is your favorite place to visit?

Berlin, New York, Montreal and Ottawa are my favorite places to visit.

[dieseldave5150 ] asked:
-If you could pick one person any time in history who would you want to be????? one really. Someone with a cock.

[JayBugg] said:
-I want to know what's your favorite zim episode

Planet Battles, the one where he says "I'm in a bear suit." Any episode where Gir says the word "spolding" instead of "exploding".

[ilooklikesatan] asked:
-If you had to spend a week out doors. Where would it be and what would you take with you?

In a city in late summer or early autum. And I'd have books and my medicine and Zak's hoodie with Boba Fett and Darth Vader on it with me. And a magically endless supply of milky tea that's always the right temperature for the weather.

-And I want to see a set where you're dying your hair. I don't know why....

That could be arranged. Or I might just post some pictures I already have of me doing that sometime.

TOMBSTONE19] said:
-What I Would like to see ? How about a set or video with you smiling and or having a good time .

I don't like to see photos of myself smiling in sets unless it's a real smile. Otherwise it just looks fake and awkward and unattractive. There are plenty of candid pix of me in my photo album smiling and having a good time. And I will post more---or a video someday.

[LaceyK] said:
-You have a million dollars and only one month to spend it. What do you do?

Well, since there's no death implied once that month is up in that question, I would spend some of it on figuring out what's wrong with me, or just getting healthy. Then I would start giving it to people I know who need it. Then I might do something fun, like fly all the people I know and like to someplace interesting to hang out with me. Oh and I'd use a decent chunk of it to fund the best porno movie ever made or conceived.

[rsabatino] asked:
-what do you prefer boxers or briefs lol

I'm indifferent. Unless your balls are going to get saggy if you don't wear briefs. In which case, yeah briefs are better. I don't want any saggy balls near my face--do you?

[slacker elite] says:
-If you could go back in time and witness one historical event what event would it be and why?

I'd like to hang around castles Cachtice and Sarvar (accents missing :() between the years 1585 and 1610. To see what was really going on in there.

[Makavelli] asked:
-Will you be at the San Diego Comicon?

Not this year. Maybe next year.

-I want to see you in a plaid mini skirt, black boots, covering yourself in baby oil or Pam cooking oil.

I'm sure there's pictures of that already somewhere. If not I'll just wear that to Comicon next year. :P

fatkidlovescake] asked:
-why dont we ever hang out any more?

Probably because we never did. And I don't know who you are. Or who you think I am.

[quisel] asked:
-what is a friend for you ?

A person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.
A person who gives assistance; patron; supporter
A person whom one knows, likes, and trusts.
A person whom one knows; an acquaintance.
One who supports, sympathizes with, or patronizes a group, cause, or movement

-what is your preferr music?

I don't have one favorite kind but good industrial turns me on.

-3 thing very important in the life?

Asthma medication, good sex as often as possible....and birth control/condoms/clean aim tests.

-And i want see you in vampire style.

Wait 'till my hair grows out? Um...I have a crappy wig, maybe I'll play dress up. ;)

[Fatality] wants to know:
-What inspired your drastic appearance changes between your first sets and now?

I didn't have a respectable job looking after medically fragile and special needs kids in a foster home anymore and New York in the summer is unbearably hot and humid. Shaving my head was due to the heat and the fact that I could and there would be no serious repercussion---like losing my job. The tattoos and piercings were simply because I had the money to get 'em and I wanted 'em. :)

[FrankDelgato] asked:
-WHAT'S THE POINT? (in your opinion)

What's the point of what?

[Gaea] asked:
-How did you get your hair so purple in your profile pic?!

Bleach. Then Special Effects "Deep Purple". And take photos in the sunshine.

[Schuldig] asked:
-Which do you prefer - Canada or the USA?

Hmm.....Neither? Most of Canada is boring. And the USA is seriously fucked up.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mandy Has A Pretty Mouth. Here, You Can See It Doing Pretty Things.

-So what the hell is this?

This is a blow job video,what does it look like? I believe the technical term for this style of porn is POV, as in point of of the guy getting the blow job, since he's holding the camera. I think most people who watch porn these days know that already right?

-I bet you're right about that. Hey--I have a question--you don't use condoms in your videos, but do you know what they're for?

Yes I do. And I use them whenever I am not making porn with someone who's HIV and other STI test results are clean.

-Did you know that this means you're smarter than John McCain? On march 16 of last year a reporter asked him "Do you think contraceptives help stop the spread of HIV?" and he paused for a long time and then said "You've stumped me."

Well condoms ARE the only contraceptive that does....although it does kind of amaze me that someone could be THAT uninformed.

-This candidate for the most powerful office on earth said then that on unfamiliar fucking-related issues, he defers to the wisdom of Dr. Tom Coburn from Oklahoma. According to Dr. Coburn, you are part of the Gay Agenda. Did you know you were a pawn of this shadowy, swishy to-do list?

I didn't know but it doesn't surprise me, what exactly is the Gay Agenda? Can it affect Canadians?

-According to the Doctor--who is also a US senator, it is "The greatest threat to our freedom that we face today" he says "Why do you think we see the rationalization for abortion and multiple sex partners-that's a gay agenda." So if you ever gave a two-girl blowjob in Canada then it's safe to say the Northland has been penetrated by the Agenda.

Wow. That's absurd. There's no reasonable response to that other than "But that's absurd!" How do you teach these people that that's not only immoral and irrational (and just plain factually wrong), it sounds like a conspiracy theory. Reminds me of who, hmm, oh yeah. Hitler.

-Well, he is the possible next president's go-to-guy on sex. Anyway, the other guy who wants to be president says faith can teach young women to have the "sense of reverence" that "young people should have for the act of sexual intimacy". Did you have faith and did it teach you that?

I would say that I certainly have "reverence for the act of sexual intimacy". But it's not due to faith in anything other than myself, and what I know is good for me.

I kind of think if there were a Gay Agenda, America might have made some positive progress, if they were at all effective. Oh well.

-Can you explain how rolling around in Twizzlers and Mike and Ikes and ice cream and then licking these things off Satine Phoenix's butt displays or does not display your reverence?


1. a feeling or attitude of deep respect tinged with awe; veneration.
2. the outward manifestation of this feeling: to pay reverence.
3. a gesture indicative of deep respect; an obeisance, bow, or curtsy.
4. the state of being revered.
—Related forms
rev·er·enc·er, noun

—Synonyms 1. honor, esteem. 6. revere, honor, adore.
—Antonyms 1. contempt.

Yeah, I adored doing that and it was an awesome (–adjective 1.inspiring awe: an awesome sight. 2.showing or characterized by awe.)experience. (1.a particular instance of personally encountering or undergoing something 2.the process or fact of personally observing, encountering, or undergoing something 3. the observing, encountering, or undergoing of things generally as they occur in the course of time: to learn from experience; the range of human experience.
4.knowledge or practical wisdom gained from what one has observed, encountered, or undergone 5. Philosophy. the totality of the cognitions given by perception; all that is perceived, understood, and remembered.
–verb (used with object) have experience of; meet with; undergo; feel learn by experience.)

Sex is a truly awesome experience. And I revere it so much that I do it as often as possible and share some of my experiences with lots of strangers on the internet.

-With Twizzlers?



No. I think rather I'm a hedonist and a sensualist. I never said anything about spirituality.

-So, like, you put up some video of Chapel eating your pussy on the internet and it reaches tens of thousands of people, and James Dobson on "Focus on the Family" puts up a video of a guy saying Chapel eating your pussy is, according to the book of Romans, a clear sign that God has abandoned this nation and a few million people watch it. Do you think maybe you could increase your traffic by being a little less tolerant?

If it's an American audience probably---because Americans seem to enjoy conflict, they behave as if it's a recreational activity and turn it into entertainment. Yeah--but fuck Americans,the internet reaches the whole world. Why cater to one culture? And what does what I say here really have to do with the videos, if most of the people who watch the porn I make don't even read my journal, regardless of how tolerant I am or not?

-Good point. I mean, you could pretty much say whatever in your journal, right? Like why don't you tell us how you feel about Psalm 102, verse 6? "I am like a pelican of the wilderness; I am like an owl of the desert?"

I'm pretty sure whoever wrote that was a degenerate on drugs. Also it's funny.

-In Psalm 147 verse 10, the bible says, of the lord: "He does not delight in the strength of the horse; he takes no pleasure in the legs of a man". Do you feel this to be so?

About the lord, that he does not delight or take pleasure? I don't feel anything having to do with him, except that he's probably fictional. That'd be like saying "Yeah I really believe that Boba Fett does not delight in the strength of the horse; he takes no pleasure in the legs of a man, I feel that this is true, Yoda too."

-Well SOMEBODY wrote Job 30: 29 and they said, of themselves, "I am a brother of jackals, and a companion of ostriches." Are you a companion of ostriches?

Nope. I've seen some at a zoo I think when I was kid.

-My recent scholarship leads me to notice a motif in the bible of the appearance of ostriches and jackals together--they show up together in Job, 2 places in Isaiah, in Jeremiah, Micah, and the book of lamentations: "even the jackals present their breasts to nurse their young but the daughter of my people is cruel, like ostriches in the wilderness". That last one appears to be saying that anyone who doesn't show their boobs in public is as cruel as an ostrich. Do you feel this to be so?

Ha ha ha ha ha.

-I sense a reluctance on your part to fully engage this issue...

I sense that there was some point in the past where ostriches symbolized something we are unaware of. Also I think there's a difference between presenting a breast to nurse and simply showing a boob in public. Both of which I have no problem with. Because I like babies and boobs. Even if I don't want any babies of my own to nurse. Even if it meant that my boobs would double in size.

-There is a biblical punishment for girls like you described in Ezekiel:
"Thus says the Lord God :"Because your filthiness was poured out and your nakedness uncovered in your harlotry with your lovers...Surely therefore I will gather all your lovers with whom you took pleasure, all those you loved and all those you hated; I will gather them from all aroud against you and will uncover your nakedness to them that they may see all your nakedness". Are you scared?

Um, wouldn't all my lovers have already seen my nakedness? No I'm not scared. If that's the punishment then I have been self inflicting it upon myself for awhile now.

-Oh you are loathsome!


Saturday, July 5, 2008

Mandy, Satine and Zak Do Naughty Things.

-What did you do on Canada Day?

I hung out with Starla Suicide and she fed me cheap beer and BBQ.

-Is she Canadian? Is cheap beer Canadian? Is BBQ Canadian?

She is Canadian. The cheap beer was not Canadian, because the American beer was cheaper. Though originally the plan had been to purchase Canadian beer, the idea of spending less money and not being patriotic won. Although being practical instead of mindlessly patriotic is kind of a Canadian trait. The BBQ is not Canadian either, but it was tasty.

-Is liking things that are tasty a Canadian value? Educate us.

I think liking things that are tasty is just human. Way to bring up the argument some of the boys who were there had. Which was really not very Canadian. Since we don't like conflict. Silly American boys being all loud in public and disagreeing.

-What were they disagreeing about? If they were disagreeing about a moose, would that be patriotic?

They were disagreeing about the "true" nature of art. And about the moose, maybe.

-So there was a moose?

No, no moose. I meant that it might be patriotic if they were disagreeing about a moose.

-What was there besides arguers and a Suicide Girl?

Nothing really other than alcohol. Maybe some cigarettes. An apartment that Humphrey Bogart apparently lived in when he first moved to Hollywood.

-Was it a fancy apartment?

Nope. Just a very small apartment, with obviously young people living in it.

-Did you make a video where you have sex with the Suicide Girl?

No. Sometimes Suicide Girls have boyfriends and so are not allowed to make sex videos with you. And sometimes they just don't want to have sex with you. Which is okay and you can still be friends and talk about nail polish and gossip about Suicide Girl related things and also about how it's fun to live in L.A and not Canada anymore even though there are things about Canada that are good and better than things in America.

-What's good about Los Angeles?

Sluts. Sunshine. Places to go swimming. Busy, big city type activities and culture. Other Suicide Girls things, which often mean modeling related work. American boys....It's a fair trade off (for now) for good quality free health care and cleaner environments, less crime, and a government that's slightly less criminal and more responsible and accountable.

-What is it about American boys?

Umm, I don't know how to answer that question.

-What's going on in this movie you're posting this week?

It's Satine Phoenix, Zak Sabbath and me fooling around.

-They're Americans, right?

Well I don't think Satine was born in the U.S but yeah, they're Americans.

-We're they good?


-What made them good?

They enjoy what they do and they're passionate.

-Would you say Americans enjoy what they do and are passionate?

No. Not at all. Only a few rare ones I've been lucky enough to meet. If you want to substitute excitable and needlessly self-righteous or reactionary, then sure ok.

-Oh. What about firecrackers? Do you like them?

Not really. I like fireworks though.

-Do you shoot off fireworks on Canada Day?

Well I don't. But other people do.

-So I hear you're excited about Diablo III--are you excited that there's a character in there that has the same name as your Suicidegirl name?

I don't know if excited would be an accurate way of describing it. But I am amused by the coincidence (Adria was my WoW character's name too, and that's why I used it for SG when all the variations of "Mandy" were taken when I applied). And curious. But yeah, excited about the game in general.

-Should fans post on here if they want to see you do some sort of Diablo III-themed porn when it comes out?

I suppose so.

-Ok, you heard the lady.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mandy Morbid is Pleased....Diablo III Yay!!

I'm a very happy girl today because of this:

Blizzard has announced and put up some trailers for Diablo III.

Finally!!! So excited.

I've been waiting for this.

In other news, this week's update on my site is more of the luscious Satine Phoenix and me with all that candy and ice cream. Yum.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Mandy Morbid & Satine Phoenix Consume Various Confections That Have Been Smeared Upon Their Naked Flesh.

-So what happens in this movie?

This is the long lost second episode of Satine and me rolling around in melted ice cream and chocolate and strawberry syrup. And also licking it off each other.

-When did you shoot it?

This was shot last summer. It was one of the first videos we made for

-Was it sticky?

Very sticky.

-Was it tasty?

Yes, very tasty. Satine is always tasty. But especially so with candy stuck all over her.

-What was the tastiest candy?

Ice cream and pussy.

-Pussy is not a candy. Don't you know anything about candy?

Pussy can be candy.

-Have you ever had candy at Satine's house?

Yes. Zak dumped a whole bowl of jelly beans on me. Satine always has candy at her parties.

-What happened then?

Jelly beans were discovered hours later when we got home the next day. Discovered in odd places. They fell out of clothes, were noticed stuck to my legs, was stuck in my belly button.

-You are not very careful about candy, are you?

Apparently not.

-Why aren't you more careful about candy?

It's so colourful. I must get distracted. I think I get distracted by pretty things.

-You don't seem to get distracted from Satine's butt.

That's because the butt is what's distracting me from other things.

-What was the worst candy?

There was some weird bon-bon type things that were not very good.

-Where did all that candy come from? Is there a store that sells candy for porn?

It just came from a regular store. We bought it. Like most people who want candy.

-Do you think most people who want candy probably want to lick it off Satine's butt?

Yes. Unless they don't like girls.

-Are there a lot of girls at these parties at Satine's house?

Yeah, I guess so. I'm not sure how many count as "a lot". At her birthday she sat on her cake and people ate it off her butt.

-That sounds like a better birthday party than I am used to...

It seems like Satine knows how to enjoy life.

-So you enjoy life by having people eat cake off your butt?

That's one way. She enjoyed it.

-Is she insane?

Who knows, she doesn't seem insane to me, but who am I to judge?

-Some crazy girl who eats ice cream off people's butts.

Yeah, only in this video she's eating it off MY butt.

-It's like an ouroboros.

Exactly like that.

-So, have you eaten candy in other pornographic circumstances lately?

Candy? Yeah, Zak pours candy hearts all over me after one of the times we fuck in Benny Profane's new movie. Here's the trailers (Boob and non-boob versions, respectively) for "Hospital!". Copy and paste in a new window to view.

with boobs:!/


-Do you fuck anybody else in this movie?

Yup! I got to fuck Coco Velvett. She is adorable. I can't wait to do it again.

-What should you do if you want to buy this movie?

Well once it's out I will let everyone know and then you can buy it from the link on my site.

-Oh, right...

Friday, May 30, 2008

New Post.

-So you won a beauty contest, I hear...

Yup. A black-eye beauty contest at Kimberly Kane's Morphine release party.

-Is it your first one?

Yes. I've never been in one before. I imagine they are less fun without the black eyes.

-The black eye in the pictures on-line looks pretty grisly--did anybody think it was real before or after the party?

No. No one thought it was real. Or they didn't say anything to me about it.

-I mean, if you see this girl walking down the street in hollywood with a black eye, you don't go "Hey, did your boyfriend punch you?"

Maybe you wouldn't yell that in Hollywood, but you probably would in Brooklyn. Which is one of the reasons I like living in L.A better. People don't yell at me when I leave the house.

-When do they yell at you?

Stupid things. Next question.

-Um...So these porn parties--do they degenerate immediately into orgies at the end of the night?

Never one that I've been to. But that would be nice huh?

-Yeah...what did you have for breakfast?

A toasted chicken club from Tim Hortons. It was wonderful.

-Isn't he the prime minister of Canada or something?

I think he might have been a hockey player but I'm not sure and could be totally wrong.

-But he gave you a club sandwich...?

No, he just has his name attached to a chain of coffee/doughnut/sandwich shops. Where I bought my sandwich, at the airport in Vancouver.

-Oh. Do they give you trouble at the airport--like at customs or security?

Of course they do. Look at me. I look like a bad person don't I? Heh, because drug dealers and child pornographers always try to look as obviously deviant as possible so no one at customs will notice them and search through all their stuff. And question their choice of reading material.

-What were you reading? The Wisdom of Abu-Musab Al-Zarqawi?

I had a Star Wars art book, a Return of the Jedi comic book from 1983, "The Consolation of Philosophy", "Brave New World", "Nineteen Eighty-Four", and "Foundations of the Metaphysics of Morals" with me.

-That's hot.

Thanks, I try.

-So which one did they give you static about?

The one with "Philosophy" in the title was commented on and also the comic from 1983 which is possibly an original. "You read this? Philosophy?.....Return of the Jedi huh? Is this a collectors item?" And what you say in response to that I suppose is, "Um, yeah." And then they flip through all the pages to make sure drugs are not hidden in between, because seriously who reads anymore these days, right?

-I hear sometimes people read when they're on drugs...

Wow, what a frightening and degenerate world we live in.

-It's ironic that he was suspicious of the Return of the Jedi comic but not "1984". Which I guess means he never read "1984". You gotta wonder what the appeal of a job in the state-security apparatus is to someone who hasn't read "1984"...

I think "1984" might be more common reading material than a comic book from 1983 with all the pages falling out. Also by the time he got to the books he had searched through everything else quite throughly including my actual medications and I think he knew he wasn't going to find anything incriminating. Maybe he was a Star Wars fan? But you do have a point. I bet they get good benefits though, working for the government, health insurance and stuff....maybe that's the appeal?

-Maybe he thinks "1984" is just a book about DuranDuran?

Heh. Maybe. I also got a giant Hello Kitty doll at the airport. It has a shiny pink dress and butterfly/fairy wings. It's pretty awesome.

-Can we watch you fuck it in a movie?

Uh....If the Sanrio people promise not to sue me.

-They make vibrators don't they? I mean, if you go look on-line for a video of a girl with a Hello Kitty vibrator and find one, then probably you can do it...

Oh, thats right, they make condoms too, don't they?! Maybe I will use it then. It could be hot.

-Hello Kitty seems so cute and easy-going about what she puts her face on that's it hard to grasp that Sanrio is this huge fucking zaibatsu megacorporation in a 1984-looking building somewhere that probably sues people every day...

True...well I'll be good to my giant Hello Kitty fairy princess doll and use it as a chair or pillow or something instead of making porn with her. At least until we get to know each other a bit better first.

Yeah, so the reason why I didn't update last weekend (if anyone even noticed) is because I was away visiting people I know who don't live in Los Angeles. And I'll be away next weekend too. But the site still updates so you still get a new video to watch.

-Oh, thanks, that was real responsible of you, I was totally just gonna go on blathering about Hello Kitty...

Indeed. Uh...what else? I can't think of anything and I've got to go clean my new nostril piercings and get some rest.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Chapel+Mandy+Rabbit Vibe=Hot Pornography

-Old business first...

So, I was supposed to answer the New Avenger question from last week, right? My answer is, yes, sure. I do think the New Avengers is about "What It Means To Truly Be A Hero". There. See I thought about it.

-This week's movie?

This week's video is the super cute Chapel Waste and me. It's a real shame she lives so far away. :(

-What are you doing tonight?

Tonight I am going to Satine Phoenix's birthday party. I'm pretty excited about that, because Satine is lots of fun.

-Anything else?

On Tuesday I'm going to the release party for Kimberly Kane's new movie Morphine. Go check out Morphine because everything Kimberly Kane touches is ultra sexy and nasty and artistic.

-Now, a certain kid of reader is bound to be a little skeptical when a porn girl says something is "sexy and nasty and artistic"...

So what? They either go watch it or they don't. What the fuck do I care? Anyway I live with a verifiably successful contemporary artist and I make porn if you're going to listen to anyone who says something is artistic and nasty it may as well be me.

-Ok, what are you doing now?

Right now I've got some tasty Chinese food.

Also the Oscar the Grouch song "I Love Trash" is playing on youtube on Zak's computer and I now think that it's one of the best songs ever. I think it must be one of our theme songs. Old Sesame Street was doing a way better job teaching kids morals than most kid's t.v shows do today. And not just morals, vocabulary: "Wow Oscar, that was a great song about trash, a sanitation serenade!" 1969.....damn. And I used to work with special needs and medically fragile kids in schools and in foster homes so I had to watch my fair share of children's television. It's nearly utterly void of any practical, academic, or moral lessons you might actually want your children to learn.

"Oh, I love trash!
Anything dirty or dingy or dusty
Anything ragged or rotten or rusty
Yes, I love trash

I have here a sneaker that's tattered and worn
It's all full of holes and the laces are torn
A gift from my mother the day I was born
I love it because it's trash

Oh, I love trash!
Anything dirty or dingy or dusty
Anything ragged or rotten or rusty
Yes, I love trash

I have here some newspaper thirteen months old
I wrapped fish inside it; it's smelly and cold
But I wouldn't trade it for a big pot o' gold!
I love it because it's trash

Oh, I love trash!
Anything dirty or dingy or dusty
Anything ragged or rotten or rusty
Yes, I love trash

I've a clock that won't work
And an old telephone
A broken umbrella, a rusty trombone
And I am delighted to call them my own!
I love them because they're trash

Oh, I love trash!
Anything dirty or dingy or dusty
Anything ragged or rotten or rusty
Yes, I love, I love, I love trash!"

Wouldn't trade it for a big pot of see because it has other, more important values. Get it?? Kids used to get it. Do you?

Ah whatever, I've been reading too much of this book. "Between Existentialism and Marxism" by J.P Sartre. It makes me feel better. It has since I was 16. That's why I have a Sartre quote tattooed on the back my neck.

-"Suffering is justified as soon as it becomes the raw material of beauty". While that may be true of, say, tattoo-suffering, would you say that is really true of all suffering?

I think it's true when it comes to me, and all the kinds of suffering I've endured. I very often am very seriously ill, and I have issues with chronic pain. Which yeah, sure it sucks a lot, but over all I feel as though me having to experience that my whole life has had only positive results. I am constantly reminded how very mortal I am and that puts one in a position to really asses one's situation and values accurately. This quote isn't just about physical beauty, like tattoos. It may not be true for everyone. It may not be true in respect to say, victims of war or natural disasters.

-Ok. Hey--I've heard you smell good, not bad--are you worried Oscar the Grouch wouldn't like you?

Nah, not really. My house is full if stuff he would love. Plus I look pretty trashy so I think he would like me.

-Why do you think you look trashy?

I have a messy mohawk and tattoos. I don't wear nice clothes. I mean I almost never buy any new clothes. I still own clothes I got at the Salvation Army when I was 17. My nail polish is often chipped and I hate trimming my nails so they're always too long and kind of gross. (I mean I like 'em....I've never had a manicure in my life.) I'm pale because I don't spend much time outside in the sun, which makes me look unhealthy to some. Who've said so. Uh...what else? Isn't that trashy?

-Well I feel like the word's confusing, I mean, "trashy" implies some moral failure doesn't it? A girl can wear expensive clothes and still seem very "trashy". I mean, everyone knows Paris Hilton is trashy.

Yeah, but she doesn't LOOK trashy in the most commonly used sense. I think gold looks awful and tacky and so "trashy" to me. But most people wouldn't agree with me. I look trashy to some people even though my personality may not be, while Paris Hilton might look posh, while her personality may be totally trashy. It's really a question of people's tastes and perceptions.

-Oh but that's so vague. I think "trashy" means something about you suggests you don't care about important and elevated things. Like celebrities are "trashy" when they get drunk and fuck random strangers instead of give their money to breast cancer research and normal people are "trashy" when they talk about celebrities all day.

Well yeah that's true, but also it's a word that's often used to describe style in a visual sense. There's more than one kind of "trashy". The model's in Bob Coulter's photos often look totally trashy but it's absolutely beautiful. Or photos of super urban areas, with actual trash and graffiti everywhere, some of those photos are amazing. Images that obviously imply a lack of care about certain things (like Bob's models who's sexual values might seem questionable to some) that lots of people think are important and elevated. So is that still "trashy"? You'd have to have a definitive explanation of what "important and elevated things" are.

-I think Bob's photos are trashy--in a good way. They're not trash. I think "trashy" has to do not only with being rich or poor, but with having or not having the set of values that rich people use to justify being rich. Like Princess Di was "classy" and "sophisticated" which allegedly meant it was ok that she was rich--whereas Paris Hilton is "trashy" and so people aren't ok with her being rich and they hate her and if she died in a car crash most people would be happy. Bob's photos don't show any interest in the aesthetics rich people use to elevate themselves above poor people--his photos are not "clean" or "elegant" or "subtle"--so they're trashy.

Yeah I guess I always thought "trashy" was more about an implied sense of cheapness/ignorance of morals AND/OR aesthetics. Having a set of values you make public in some way simply to justify being rich, or to alleviate the guilt associated with being rich is kind of trashy too.

-Or "stupid" at least. What color are your socks?

They are green and have stripes. What colour are yours?

-I'm not wearing socks. Anyway, did you see "Iron Man"?

I did. With Satine. It was great! Better than all the other comic book movies they've tried to make. They didn't actually ruin this one, I'm not even a huge Iron Man fan, but I love it. I hope they manage to continue not-ruining comic book movies.

-Is Tony Stark trashy?

He had some trashy and superficial moments for sure. But he did do the whole hero-mind-set-turn-around thing so it's hard to judge him now. Should have asked me this question before he turned into Iron Man.

-I liked him better before he fell in love with his loser secretary.

Well, yeah. But that could have been so much worse than it was. The movie would have been even better without Pepper Potts. When will they learn the leave out the unrealistic and childish romantic sub-plots in these films?

-They will not learn it.

Then most movies will suck forever and ever.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mandy and Zak Fuck

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Mandy and Chapel Eat Each Other's Pussies.

-So, I hear you starred in a feature for Vivid Alt this week...

Yup. Benny Profane's new movie.

-What's it called?

I think it's supposed to be called "Hospital".

-So what's it about? A post office?

Yeah a fucked up post office. With nurses and mind reading devices. And naked people.

-How were the donuts at the craft-service table?

They were very tasty.

-I assume you'll tell us more about it when it actually comes out--what did you do last night?

Yeah, more information will be made available when it's more relevant, like when you can actually see it. Last night I went to a photography show opening at a tiny little gallery in Echo Park called Hamburger Eyes with Kimberly Kane, her friend who's work was in the show, Zak Sabbath and we ran into Eon McKai there too. The show was great.
Then we had diner and Zak and I went to see the Tomorrow Show. Which is a comedy show put on every Saturday by the the guys who did Home Movies (one of the funniest cartoons ever) and Metallocalypse. I accidentally heckled the last act too, which makes me feel a little bad. Oh well.

-Is making porn like that cartoon "Home Movies"?

It is sometimes, definitely.

-What kind of photos is "Hamburger Eyes"?

They were black and white and gritty, kind of like Daido Moriyama's stuff. (Kind of.)

-How come you know about so much stuff? Why aren't you dumber?

I'm just unlucky that way I suppose. Although I do have some pretty awesome friends I might not have if I were dumber.

-Like that monster?

Yeah, like the monster....

-Ok--let's say I was walking around and saw you on the street and I had done all this masturbating to your butt--should I just ignore you and then tell all my friends I saw you and you had a plastic bag with bread in it or should I say Hi?

You should come say hi, unless you're a creep who will try to molest me or something. But if all you want to do is say hi or something equally innocent then yeah, you're welcome to.

-So if I go "Ummm...hey, are you Mandy Morbid?" you won't hit me with your purse?

No. I might get a bit shy and wary of what you'll do or say next but I won't hit you with my purse or scream and run away.

-If I offer you some candy will you take it?

Nope. Oh, and have the good sense to not come talk to me if I'm with people who look like they could be parents or aunts and uncles. Like old people in normal clothes. Stay away from me then or I will hate you forever.

-Ah, good point. So, Chapel has big stripey socks--is that like an alt-porn thing, stripey socks?

Oh, yeah, stripy socks and alt-porn. That is a thing I guess.

-It seems like when they've got a sort of "normal" girl in alt-porn, they give her pigtails and legwarmers. Is that how you can tell the truly alt porn from the faux-alt? Stripey socks vs. legwarmers?

I don't know, I wear leg warmers even though I don't have enough hair for pigtails anymore. It doesn't matter. Stripy socks and leg warmers are cool and that's all.


Friday, April 25, 2008

Mandy gets Tit-Fucked and Also Fucked.

-So, before we start, I think we should give a shout out to Kevin Fetus, right?

Totally! All of the music you hear on my site he's created or helped create.

-Including that spooky tentacle music?

Yup I think his stuff is in there too. Kevin is an amazing musician and you should all check out his stuff. He's got a myspace page.

-I think I heard some Cephalic Carnage on some of the vids...

Yeah, Kevin did some remixes for them.

-So, what happened to the archives?

There were some technical issues and so we decided to remove them for awhile. Eventually I want to get a very few favorite videos back up along with the tentacle monster video that's in the new archive page that's up as of today. But I don't know when the foot fucking vid will be back, or the Sasha vid. Patience people.

-So, it looks like you're back to having sex with humans. No more tentacle-rape?

There will be lots and lots more tentacle rape with more girls. But we need to re-build the monster better first and get all organized and stuff.

-So the next monster video will be more advanced?

That's the plan. The first one was the beta version, or the pilot. Now we've figured some stuff out, about how to make it look better, get more actual tentacle footage, there's some stuff I want to fix/try out with the lighting, etc.

-And sluts?

Of course.

-I hear you had a rough time on set this week...

I did. I had an sudden asthma attack on a porno set and had to cancel my scene. That was Tuesday morning, I am still recovering and stuck in bed most of the day. When I try to get up all I do is cough violently and get dizzy. It sucks and I was pretty pissed off because I really wanted to work that day. People were smoking on set on the first day of shooting. On the other hand the director got me an awesome fancy cake.

-Who were you shooting with?

I worked with Alektra Blue that first day and she was awesome. Friendly and so so hot. She liked my boobs and really knows what she's doing when she fucks your asshole with a dildo.

-Better than a monster?

Well the monster didn't go anywhere near my asshole. We will have to remedy that in one of the future monster movies.

-Is that Alektra scene going up on here?

No. That was for a feature. An Adam and Eve movie.

-When you say stuff like out how you like Alektra, do you think people believe you or do you think they all think it's a front and really you're just pretending to like it and you're actually just all liars?

I don't really care what people think when it comes to things like that. If they aren't going to believe us sometimes, why do they bother asking?

-Good point. What did you do last weekend?

I went to Murderfest at the Knitting Factory with some SuicideGirl friends and saw Converge and Watch Me Burn and some other good bands. (Kevin Fetus is in Watch Me Burn with Sawa Suicide.) I feel asleep on the last day when Today's The Day was playing, so I didn't enjoy it that to it's full potential. And I was way too exhausted to stay for Napalm Death which is a bit of a bummer. But it was great anyway.

-Did anyone get murdered?

Not that I am aware of.

-Been reading much?

Yeah, I read a lot. I'm reading Money by Martin Amis and it's great. And I also started Rabbit, Run by John Updike. I like the depressing descriptions of the cities and towns so far, but I'm not sure I'll get real interested in the plot.

-"Money" is about like crazy people making movies and sluts, right?

Yup. It's also very eloquent.

-Is making porno movies like that book?

Uh, a little yeah. Lots of chaos, irresponsibility, and disorganization. But usually everyone survives in the end.

-Is the Mandy Morbid dot com staff disorganized?

I am sometimes, not that often. Who isn't sometimes?


Not on purpose. I try real hard not be. I think with I'm doing ok.

-Is the tentacle monster irresponsible or disorganized?

He's totally disorganized at the moment, he's in pieces.

-So, like, does he show up on the set all coked up in his convertible with his sungasses hanging off two hours late and not knowing his dialogue and like grabbing the cameragirl's ass with his tentacles?

Not quite. He's just unpredictable. Not unlike myself. If you fuck him too hard his tentacles fall off.

-Is he all "Oh, sorry honey, I'm gonna fix that up! Let me just...awww,yeah, you know? You got pretty eyes?" and then he sticks it back on?

Well, during the scene, you know he gets into it and wants to just finish his scene. But since then he's been sulking on my porch in total disarray. He's moody.

-Actors, huh?


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mandy Vs. Crazy Tentacle Sex Monster

Live-Action DIY Tentacle Rape Porn is hereby a reality!

We built the monster ourselves and shot the footage in few hours. For a first try I think it looks great.

Special thanks to Benny Profane for helping us edit this one.
And Kimberly Kane and Ming for their help with the monster while we were shooting. They were excellent monster wranglers. Thank Zak Sabbath for directing/filming.

Just you all wait---the next one will be even better.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Mandy Morbid and Chapel Waste Had Fun And The Contest Winner Is...

-So who won your contest?

Dagon won for suggesting Tank Girl, which I had never seen before and fell in love with except for the part when they all sing and the kangaroo mutants were really stupid. But otherwise, it was great! Farson (and Benny) came in second for suggesting Primer, which was excellent.

-You've never seen Tank Girl?

Yeah, I'm a sorry excuse for a punk/goth girl.

-It's awful. I mean, the comic books are funny and stuff, but that movie is AWFUL.

Lori Petty is hot and entertaining. None of the other movies offered anything nearly as good to distract you from the poorly done sci-fi special effects and stupid dialogue. Besides, all my friends love it too, I had just never seen it. There must be some quality in it that appeals to young women of my generation that you just don't get.

-Ok, I don't get it. However, this "Dagon"--who, according to the internet, is a major northwest semitic god of agriculture also gets it--despite being born around 2500 years ago. Also, he should e-mail his address to you if he wants his prize. What do you think an ancient Ugaritic god wants with your panties?

The same thing the rest of you want with my panties? He won't get 'em unless he emails his address to me and if he wants a photo instead of panties, he should let me know in that email too.

--The only other thing I've ever heard about him saying is "I will have the kings of the Yaminites cooked on a fisherman's spit, and I will lay them before you."

Where does it say that? What is or what are the Yaminites?

--It says that "in a letter to King Zimri-Lim of Mari, 18th century BC, written by Itur-Asduu, an official in the court of Mari and governor of Nahur." according to Wikipedia. I assume Yaminittes are people from someplace called "Yamin"--extremely unlucky people.

Seems so.

-Some people say he's half-man half-fish...

Do they? How interesting...

-In "Lolita", Humbert says he had a pair of Lolita's underwear that he "stained with merman tears"--what do you think that's all about?

I think that's about Nabokov being poetic.

-Ok, so what's this week's movie all about?

Chapel came over to my house and we had sex.

-You make it sound so boring, but you make it look like lots of fun.

It was lots of fun. I'm just not feeling very articulate today.

-So did Chapel come over and she was all quiet and not saying anything and you too and then you were like Ok, now we have to have sex and then you did and then you were like, Hey this is fun?

Not exactly. But a little like that.

-She was in that movie "Porny Monster"--was she porny and/or a monster?

Oh. She was more porny.

-Of all the co-stars you've had sex with, which one was the most like a monster?

The monster. None of the girls were like monsters at all. Sometimes Zak makes monster noises, but not really when you're fucking him.

-You mean the tentacle monster?

Yeah. We shot it for the first time yesterday. Kimberly Kane, Ming and Zak and I all worked very hard.

-You worked hard to get fucked by a monster?


-Did it jizz monster goo all over you?

Yes, it was disgusting. By the end of the shoot I was covered in goo and soaking wet and oily and had been spit on a fair bit too. Being violated by that monster really is a lot of work.

-T.A. wants to see you in that Princess Leia bikini--what do you think of that? What do you think of the idea of being in that bikini being violated by Jabba the Hutt?

Jabba is way more scary than my monster, but only because he's so much bigger I think.

I think the bikini is a great idea. But I don't know where to get one, especially one that fits.

-Do you have problem finding clothes that fit?

Yes. And so would you if you looked like me.

-So what would happen if you were captured by a Hutt? What would you wear?

It'd be the Hutt's problem. I wouldn't have to think about it.

-Ok. Read any good books lately?

No. Well, maybe. I read Martin Amis' new book, the one of essays about September 11th. I don't agree with a lot of what he writes about it, but it was still interesting.

-He seems to have been way more surprised than someone who'd lived through the 20th century should've been.

Exactly. And he overlooks some important factors when writing about the causes of the conflicts between America and the Middle East. He's very sentimental or emotional about the whole thing.

-Who is more girly: Chapel or Martin Amis?

Well Chapel is. But she seems like she'd be far more cynical about the things Martin was writing about in his new book I think.

-Alright. I think that's enough for everybody to have to think about for this week.

I agree.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Mandy Sucks Zak's Cock. There's Coloured Lights

-So you suck cock upside down in this one--what's that like?

It was alright except it felt like I was much closer to Zak's ass than I usually am. Can't decide if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

-I have you finished watching all the movies for your contest?

I think I'm about halfway through them, some I haven't been able to find yet.

-So are you gonna announce the winner next week?


-So what was the worst?

That's a really hard call. Like City of Lost Children had some really cool stuff in it, but didn't strike me as being really that sci-fi---it was more of a surreal fantasy movie for kids. Planet of the Apes is just silly and Charlton Heston is ugly---but it has the jungle girl, who I like. Event Horizon could have been really cool, but failed utterly to be interesting. No puzzles, no logic, no science, just lame horror "evil dimension" stuff and it was so trying to copy Aliens' style. The Abyss again had some things I like, but ruined it with totally silly looking aliens and a plot that's not especially believable--like no one noticed the crazy navy seal until it was waaaaay too late, and those characters were supposed to be specialists and whatnot. I guess I have pretty high standards.

-Did you like it in "Planet of the Apes" when they shoot water at Heston and he yells "It's a maaaadhouse" or maybe he says "maaaaan-hose"?

No. Not really. But both lines seem kinda random and unnecessary.

-So you didn't like "City of Lost Children"? Not even that bug-camera thing?

Didn't impress me. Other things in that movie were way better than that bug-camera. I liked it, a lot, just not as sci-fi.

-So I presume there will be no unnecessary random lines or plot-holes or "evil dimensions" in your upcoming Mandy-fucks-tentacle-monster live action movie?

Maybe there will be, actually I bet there will be. But I'm not aiming to create some sci-fi winning-contest masterpiece. I just want to see myself get fucked by tentacles. And have it look as cool as possible on a non-existent budget.

-So how's the monster look so far?

It looks amazing. It looks like a tentacle monster.

-Sweet. Is it AIM-tested?

You bet. And it'll be wearing condoms, so it's a safe sex monster.

-It sounds like a very considerate alien fuck fiend.

Indeed. But, my team created it especially for me, so I don't think it has a whole lot of free will when it comes to that sort of thing. You know, it's pre-programed. To suit all my tentacle fucking needs. It's Tentacle Monster Version 0.1 it may not be perfect.

-T-Rocc recommended "Battlestar Galactica"--what did you think of that?

Kind of a Star Wars rip-off sometimes. Bad costumes, cheesy Luke Skywalker acting. Terrible casino set. And that Starbuck character needs a good kick in the balls, for being such an idiot. Sorry....I feel bad for being so brutal, I'm not in a generous mood, not the best time to be doing movie reviews.

-Ok, well, what do you think of Joan Jett's version of "Crimson and Clover"?

I like it!

-2 part question: 1-Do you like that song "I Hate Myself For Loving You"? and (2)--If you sang a song called "I Hate Myself For Loving You" who or what would it be about?

1-Yes I like it, it's a great song. 2-There's no way I will ever answer a question like that on the internet. Or in any even remotely public setting. And I'm fairly certain I haven't ever hated myself for loving anyone.

-What about Boba Fett?

What about Boba Fett? Huh?

-I mean, how do you feel about loving Boba Fett?

I feel o.k about it.

-But he tried to kill Han Solo!

And Han tried to kill lots of people too, and aliens, they're all killing stuff in those movies, and I love most of them.

-How can you love someone and also the one who tried to kill them? Isn't that a conflict of love-interest or something?

My love for fictional characters doesn't follow any logical-real life restrictions. It's more admiration and awe of utter coolness than "love" I guess.

-What if Boba Fett got an AIM test and wanted to do a boy-girl with you, what would you say?

My rate would be really really high and he'd have to keep his armor on. ('least the first time...)

-I'm too busy imagining that to ask any more questions...

Yeah and of course I'd have to get a real hot space slut outfit for that scene too.

-Yeah, umm--you need to do that, seriously.

Yes I do.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Mandy Morbid Has Some Fun With Kimberly Kane's Pretty Butthole.

-So I hear your first feature just came out...

Yes. It did. It's called "Young Hollywood" and it's directed by Carlos Batts.

-So what do you do in it?

I flash Danzig. And get finger banged on one of his cars by a little Asian girl. And I also fuck her with a strap-on.

-So if I, theoretically, thought that sounded like some things I wanted to watch--how would I get this "Young Hollywood"?

My link to the avn store!

-What are you talking about?

Ugh....go to and to the left of the video play window there is a click-thru ad to the AVN store, where you can buy dvds and toys. When you buy dvds or toys or whatever from the ad at, makes some money and can continue to provide you with free clips.

-Ok, got that out of the way...what else have you been up to?

I made some porn today. You'll see it next week. Kimberly Kane was the camera-girl. Uh, I went to the art museum a day or two ago. I also went to the release party for Young Hollywood. That's what I've been up to.

-Which museum?

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Kimberly came along that day as well.

-How was it?

I don't like most art.I think I do. I always hope it will be better than it is and I am often disappointed. They put all the wrong stuff in those places.

-That's too bad. Have you been getting many requests for different kinds of movies from people?

Yeah, people want to see more boy-girl scenes, more anal, more things like spanking and choking.

-So is that happening?

Yes. But I don't put up stuff until it's edited and I'm happy with it.

-So if people have more complicated requests or ideas, should they say something?

Yes. They should, they should comment here, or email me at or myspace me. I'm not hard to find on there.

-You're so democratic.


-So what do you think of the universe this week?

What kind of questions is that? Who cares what I thought of the universe this week. Or ever?

-I don't know--you have nice boobs, so we want to hear you talk.

I thought it went the other way around, I have nice boobs so you want to look at my boobs.

-What did you say? I was distracted...

Exactly. Fuck off now, I'm done blogging.

-No, wait, I remembered my point. You have nice boobs so we want to hear you talk so that we can then decide you're not very interesting so then we can feel superior to you instead of just feeling miserable about not being able to fondle your boobs. Or at least I heard something like that somewhere on an AdultDVDtalk messageboard or something.

You actually read on one of those message boards that that's the logic applied to porn chicks? Or "whores" as they get called on the xxxporntalk boards.

-Ummm...not so much read it as, "gleaned" it... I guess. Those guys are seriously angry. They're always baiting each other and the girls. They're geniuses at it. They're master-baiters.

Oh I was hoping it was one of 'em showing primitive signs of self awareness. Ugh. I understand there's a similarity between prostitution and being a paid adult performer. But that kind of misogynistic (or catty, if it's a female) name calling says far more about the posters than the girls...Oh well. I like what one of 'em said a lot. "But girls with a look like that aren't out to please everyone, so if she's comfortable in her own skin, then kudos to her." Precisely. I'm out to please myself.

-So who are you fucking next week?

Zak Sabbath. He's fun.

-Is it just his cock again, or are you gonna fuck all of him?

All of him. Well it depends on what I decide to edit. You may just get cock next week and all of him the week after that. Or whatever.


So, we good now? Can I be done now please?

-It's your blog. Do what you want.

Indeed. 'Till next week.

Sunday, March 16, 2008