Saturday, January 24, 2009

Things are looking up.

Things I have to look forward to (in chronological order, not in order of importance):

-Being healed from my surgery and feeling better because of the surgery.

-Plans to play Wii with SG Starla next week, and Kimberly
Kane too.

-Being allowed to have sex again after my surgery and make some new videos for!!

-Pixie Pearl coming to stay with me and Zak next month.

- SG Temper coming to visit in March!! (And if I'm lucky deciding to never leave.)

-Possibly a trip to NYC in March too.

-A SG Quinne and Adria(that's me) joint-birthday-house-party in SF in April. Our birthdays are a day apart, same year. We will bake our own cake and drink and talk about being Canadian. I have plans to drag Starla and Kimberly along.

-Maybe seeing SG Vivid again sooner rather than later.

-Caitsey coming to LA sometime soon, she says.

-Not leaving Los Angeles for X-Mas this year.

Things that are I am currently pleased with:

-My new Wii.

-Seeing Amebix play last night, they were amazing!

-Medication that works and feeling better.

-Learning Hungarian is quite easy so far.

-Zak's model future-city.

-My sister's learning to play the cello, and she's good.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Interview!

Copy and paste the link.

Also--I have my operation later today! I am pretty excited to recover and no longer be in pain.

Thanks everyone for your well wishes, I really appreciate it.

See you on again with new stuff in just a few more weeks!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mandy Morbid's Laptop is for sale. AND This Year's AVN Awards

Hey I'm selling my two year old Sony Vaio Notebook VGN-TXN25N

I want to switch to a Macbook so I can edit video easier.

It's fast and I'm selling it with all my naked photos, Mandy Morbid movie stills, and tons of candid pics of me with porn stars and other SGs still on it. (It's also been decorated, I will send photos.)

Please email me at if you interested, I'm looking for $950.00 US for it.

And to answer some questions:

The surgery is for endometriosis and it's next week.

I played a tiefling rogue.

Oh, and I haven't named the Bird of Prey yet, nothing seems right for it.

And yes, I will be at AVN this year, the 9th to the 11th, if you see me, come say "Hi!"

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Pink Birds of Prey

So for Christmas from my fantastic lover I got a pink, hand decorated Klingon Bird of Prey, it was hanging from my ceiling when we got home tonight from our holiday traveling.

It is AWESOME in every sense of the word AWESOME.

It can fight my TIE fighter and Borg cube. (Zak and I already made them go "zoom" and fight a little.)

I also got a antique compact which is pretty nifty and I got my brother, sister and I a Hungarian language course so we can learn and practice together over the phone. Yay long distance activities.

All in all very good holidays, I have a much looked forward to surgery coming up that will make a huge, life changing difference and I also got to play D&D for the first time ever and meet some friend's new baby, who is very cute but not as cute as my Bird of Prey.

Which needs a suggestions?