Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mandy Morbid Sucks at Updating Her Blog.

Yeah, yeah so I've been neglecting my journal duties. I have been ill but I'm beginning to feel better now.

I will get around to responding to recent comments and questions soon. (Keep writing to me people!)

I think will be undergoing some changes soon. Stay tuned.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Nadia Nitro Makes Mandy Cum

-So the reviews are in for "Hospital"--Fleshbot liked it a lot, Gram Ponante said "Hospital succeeds because it is its own thing, a movie that doesn't owe anything to anyone" and called it "a work of genius". So that's good, right?

Yup. I didn't even know there was an review.

-And there are no bad reviews.

Well I'm not exactly looking for reviews, so even if there were I'd be unaware.

-Well I am. Anyway, so what's all this about Nadia Nitro making you cum?

See, I have a website and on it there are dirty videos and in the one that went up this weekend it looks like Nadia Nitro made me cum.

-But usually it's not so...obvious. Like this time it;s like "Jesus, that girl on the internet just came"...

I guess so. What do you want me say about it?

-I want you to say "Well the way I made myself cum was by thinking about all my fans who read my blog bent over their computer screens and how hot they are and it made me cum".

That would be lying. Although I do think about people watching me and that sometimes helps me cum.

-So what's up with this Sarah Palin?

She's a frightening, evil, immoral, anti-woman and if the Republicans win because of her I am leaving the U.S.

-But we love you and looking at your large boobs--what can we do to keep you here?

Vote for Barack Obama.

-Is this rumor that Sarah Palin's Down syndrome baby is actually your baby true?

I wish he was my baby. I know how to take care of special needs babies better than she does I bet.

-You ever have one of those moments where about two hundred things occur to you to say and you feel like you shouldn't say any of them?

Yeah. Well I DID used to take of special needs kids before I did porn.

-Did they wheel their arms and run as hard as they could into your boobs?

Nope. Lots of them couldn't run. And the ones that could never thought of it.

-Did they drool on you?

Not very often.

-I kinda think Sarah Palin herself is special needs--I mean, she doesn't know about evolution, apparently...

Or about how abstinence only education fails. Blatantly fails. On the radio I heard one upset Christian lady saying "How could she be making fun of community organizers? Jesus was a community organizer, Pontius Pilate was a governor." Palin apparently doesn't know anything about her own religion either.

-Did you have an abstinence-only education?

No. I got sex-ed in high school. It could have been better, but it was there at least.

-Well I guess it worked, because from what I see here, you apparently know how to have sex...

And how to not get knocked up at seventeen. And I know how things like condoms work too.

-Did they teach you about how babies are ugly?

I don't think babies are ugly, so I guess not. Doesn't mean I want one of my own though.

-They are ugly. What do you think about how, in Super Mario Kart, if there's a shell or mushroom or banana in the road, then the computer characters can just jump right over it but you can't?

I think that sucks. My shoulders hurt. I'm done blogging.