Sunday, August 31, 2008

Shameless Tribades....and Summer.

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Friday, August 22, 2008

Hospital Release Party!

Seriously, the last scene, the threesome with me and Coco and Zak, so so hot.(The rest of the movie is good too, that's just my favorite part.)

If you're in L.A come say "Hi" to us at the Party!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

You Know What's Seriously Awesome? Vaginas...Vaginas are Awesome!

This week the video is...Sex. Yay sex. If you watch you will notice how POV makes my ass look good.

Oh and it was late going up this week. That was my fault. And no, I'm not sorry. I just didn't feel like editing anything the week my sister was visiting.

Okay, news, what's new? "Hospital!" is out! You can order it from the store link on my site, you know--the link that says "Mandy's Store". It's the only feature/dvd that's got me doing boy-girls scenes (I'm in 2 b/g scenes and a b/g/g scene) so check it out. My favorite is the threesome with Zak Sabbath, Coco Velvett and me at the end.

It's hot.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mandy's Sexy Friend Nadia Nitro Comes Over to Play

-So you're making out with Nadia Nitro here. She has a tan--I thought Alt porn girls didn't have tans?

Well Nadia is special.

-Like developmentally delayed? Were you taking advantage of her? Is that legal?

No, like she is allowed to have a tan and be "alt" if she wants to.

-Does she want to?

Apparently. She's fooling around with me, and I'm pale and have a mohawk. It's green today.

-Alright, fine. So what did you do this week?

I went to Disney Land with my sister.

-Does your sister do porn? Is she hot? Is she available?

No she doesn't do porn. Yes she is hot and available.

-So what's her favorite ride?

The Alice in Wonderland ride where you ride in the caterpillars.

-So she likes long green guys who smoke weed?

I always thought that caterpillar was smoking something a little more potent than weed, but whatever, no I think she likes it because it looks like the movie and the movie is based on that book by that pedophile and even though he was a pedophile it's a good book.

-A lot of girls seem to like the stripey socks.

Yes, she likes that too. She also likes the stripey cat.

-So who is your favorite person in Alice In Wonderland?

Me? Hmm...I don't know. I'll think about it and get back to you on that.

-So why didn't you take Nadia to Disneyland?

Because we filmed the Nadia stuff a long time ago, so she wasn't around for Disney Land, she's off feature dancing this week.

-Well I just ask because in the Nadia's Lair ad she has stripey socks...

See, she can be alt. I don't know if Nadia likes Alice in Wonderland though.

-Does she eat pussy in an Alt way?

She just does it a good way.

-Do you have any tips?

Fingers and tongue at the same time is fun.

-So whatcha been reading?

The Wrecking Crew by Thomas Frank. But I only just started it yesterday.

-Any favorite websites right now?

I think this site: is funny.

-What's on there?

It's just really funny or bizarre or fucked up comic book covers.

-Do you like the ones where Wonder Woman is tied up?

I like some of those. Some of them I don't like the art.

-Do you tell the truth when you're tied up?

I don't know, I haven't been tied up in awhile. I don't remember.

-Well when are you getting tied up?

Maybe when my sister isn't around.

-Is there any t.v show you've been watching a lot lately?

Um, last month I watched two seasons of Star Trek Voyager and one of Star Trek Deep Space Nine in like two weeks.

-Who do you like best on there?

Seven of Nine, Tuvok, the Doctor, and sometimes B'Elanna Torres.

-So you don't like humans?

They're less cool than aliens and borg. I like some of the humans in Star Wars, the humans in Star Wars are usually way better than the humans in Star Trek. But I do really like Captain Picard from The Next Generation.

-Voyager is weird because all the characters aren't humans and want to be or don't want to be. What's Nadia's favorite show?

I have no idea what Nadia's favorite show is. She did say she really liked Bridezilla and she thinks Nancy Graves is entertaining.

-Would you ever be a bridezilla?

No, I'm not much into weddings or traditions or anything like that. But I wouldn't want to marry anyone who wouldn't want me to play Darth Vader's theme song as I walked down the aisle. Or even thought marriage was a good idea at all.

-So you would be a Bride Vader?

Yes, which is completely different than a Bridezilla. Not the same at all.

-Who would win?

Who knows, maybe I'll make a porn movie about it.

-Would you try to choke Nadia with a thought?

Yup and I bet she would enjoy it.

-That's weird, do you think that Darth Vader is like always choking girls with his mind when he does them?

I hope only if they like it and want him to. But because the force is strong with him, he would be able to sense if they wanted him to or not. Also, isn't he all robotic and whatnot, can he even fuck at all?

-You raise some complex issues.

Indeed. We should continue this next week perhaps, maybe with some Mandy Morbid fan input.

-Um, so what do you want them to tell you?

I don't care I just felt like writing that. Also I want to write this: Check out to see more of kinky Nadia Nitro.