Saturday, February 9, 2008

Mandy Fucks Kimberly Kane with a Big Dildo

-Was this one fun?'s more of when Kimberly Kane and I shot for like two hours.

-Whose dildo?

Hers. I got to try it too. It's huge.

-Are we gonna see footage of that?

Yes. Probably in March or April.

-Patience gets rewarded I guess. What'd you do yesterday?

Um yesterday I acted (badly) in this porn guy Daniel's film school project. "Death and Sports-bras" which was lots of fun. I got to turn into a zombie-type-creature and get gorey special effects make-up put on me. It was a really really long day--but still I was glad to get to do it.

-Did you walk around saying "braaaaaains"?

No, I didn't have to say anything. But did get to tear the skin off my arm and get impaled with a giant spike attached to a man's underwear.

-So they let you make porn in film school?

It wasn't porn. I did shoot a nude scene but it wasn't anything really sexual.

-Girl, I hate to tell you this if you didn't already know--but if there's footage of Mandy Morbid and she's not wearing any clothes, it's sexual.

Ok, what I meant was there were no sexual acts performed in this film. Is that better?

-Much. So was it more fun being impaled with a giant spike or with that dildo?

Oh, that's a hard call, 'cause I really liked the wound I had from the spike. But the dildo felt better than the spike. Even though I was sore the next day from the dildo. But I'm sore from being a zombie today sooo....*shrugs*

-Are you gonna be doing more horror movies?

I have no idea. I don't think so unless it's my friends who are casting 'em because I really cannot act. I didn't have any lines in Daniel's.

-Do you feel like you might be limited as an adult performer since you can't act?

Not really. I don't think that many adult performers CAN act. It's not just me. I can manage if we're told to improvise the dialogue. I think it might even be better that I can't act because what you see is totally genuine.

-But maybe you're lying to make us think that you're genuine and secretly you CAN act really well...

I assure you I can't, but if you don't believe me watch the vids--I'm sure it shows.

-That's your answer for everything--"watch my videos!""watch the videos!". If I asked you how to achieve world peace in our time you'd say "watch me suck this cock" or "watch me take this in the ass"...

Actually my answer on how to achieve world peace would be "abolish all religion everywhere, that's a good start, next make all the leaders of every nation female, then..." But some people might think that's a little radical. So yeah, sex is fun. Go watch me have sex instead of doing bad things for bad reasons.

-Oh, alright....

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Mandy gets Titfucked.

-Tit-fucking--so, as a girl, tell us about tit-fucking--I mean--guys and girls with small tits, this is outside their experience--what's it like?

Umm...I get a real nice view. I don't think I can describe what it feels like to have a cock between your tits. It just feels like that and nothing else.

-Does it feel good?

Sometimes. Sometimes I'm indifferent to the physical feeling. The fun part about being tit-fucked is mostly visual and mental.

-What're you watching?

The Wire---season 1.

-How's that?

It's good I like it--and I usually hate all TV.

-Because they say stuff like "I'm gonna write my clowny-ass name on this check" or just all those beautiful black men?

Oh both, it's well written and the actors are great AND totally hot.

-Do you wish they'd punch each other more?

They're doing alright just the way they are. More punching might mean less dialog and they're real good at that. Again, the attraction isn't just physical--the characters have charisma--sex appeal without having to take their clothes off and wrestle.

-What would you do if you were one of the girls working at Orlando's and they were always going in and out of that office?

I try to get in one of the better looking one's pants. And make sure he used a condom.

-Which one?

Not telling.

-Oh whatever--you know it's got some cute mail this week, this girl writes:"My boyfriend and I thoroughly enjoy everything you do on your site, and we find your blog entertaining to boot. Every week it's like, "ooooh, new mandy video is up!" Then we cuddle in bed and dig every second. Thanks for doing what you do. <3"
...What do you think of that?

I think that's great (and adorable). It's certainly an amazing compliment, and I'm really happy they actually wrote to me. (And it's not just Omar...)

-You think a lot of people are going "ooh, new Mandy video is up?" every saturday?

I don't know--of course I hope so--but I somehow doubt it's "a lot of people".

-If you could conduct secret surveillance on someone like in "The Wire" would you use it on?

Ha ha. All the porn girls I know. Cause that would be hot. And the presidential candidates so me and my friends could know what they really think about all the crap they talk about. And scientists--like the ones working on secret government experiments that we don't get to know about.

-Oh speaking of hot interracial action, as we were a moment ago, Super Tuesday's coming up--who do you like: Hillary or Obama?


-I will do you the favor of assuming this is a policy-based decision--but what's wrong with Hillary?

Sigh---she's shrill and inauthentic. She pretends to have good intentions but I don't think she's any better than most republicans. She's too moderate. She won't change anything, she'll just keep doing the same bullshit everyone else has been doing for the past 20 years...and the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. And the results of what is deemed "education" get worse and worse--and then of course there's health care. Anyway...I'm not American, and I think this two party system you guys have got is awfully weird. Unbalanced. Is that a good enough answer? I hate politics.

-Seems like you know about it, though?

Well I have to live here right? I better be paying attention.