Sunday, November 23, 2008

Stripping in Hollywood Right Now

Suicidegirl Starla and I are dancing at Crazy Girls strip club in Hollywood RIGHT NOW (Sunday night nov 23).

Come see us, it's sunday night and the club is dead and we are bored.

(Or just post your excuse for not being here in the comments.)

Saturday, November 22, 2008


So I'm in a calender. Shot by Ellen Stagg.
(Copy and paste!)

They also made Mandy Morbid as Tank Girl t-shirts. Which is pretty nifty.

In other news, I'm in the beginning stages of re-building/re-designing

I could tell you all about it now. But I think I'll make you all wait.

Oh, also, I have prints for sale. Please e-mail me if you're interested.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

I am back in L.A and the new bouncy king size bed has been assembled and appropriately baptized. Fuck you Ikea futon. All the piles of clothes that were thrown everywhere in my apartment as I packed for New York and Berlin have been put away. A giant pile of laundry is waiting for me to start washing it now. I literally haven't been home for a month.

Zak Smith/Sabbath and I went to New York at the beginning of October for his show "Midnight in the Empire" (still up at Fredericks and Freiser Gallery NYC) and were there for nearly 2 weeks. After than we flew back to L.A only to be at home for six hours and then fly back to NYC to catch our flight to Berlin. Which is where we've been with the exception of a very quick and very strange side trip to Gyor and Budapest in Hungary, until now.

Ah..home. Zak broke my full length mirror putting the new bed together and I've gotta go dispose of it.

In 3 days I leave again for Canada to see my family (who I miss) while Zak is off teaching at art colleges all over the place.

Here is an excerpt from Suicide Girl Temper's journal about the orgy we all (her, me, Zak and her boy Inge) had while in New York, after shooting our multi (for SG).

"#2: The orgy.

It occured on our last day, after the worst show in recent history. We went to see Killing Joke, see ZakSmith's journal for the lame and horrid details.
We fled as soon as possible, because peeing, talking to Simon, the random english punkrocker with superiority complex, and having soup was much more pleasing than seeing another minute of The Worst Joke ever, and Inge got into his fatalistic mood when all is doom and nothing will ever be good again.

"We spent out last money on a super retarded show!", he complained, "it was way too expensive and why is there no punkrock in this city, anyway? It's our last night and nothing happened at all and all time is completely wasted for all time and forever and what are we gonna do now with no money and totally sober and nowhere to go and nothing to do! All is failed! All is useless! I hate all!"

He gets that way sometimes.

So I went back inside to Zak and Mandy and asked what we were going to do, and she said: "We could always just get a hotel room and have an orgy."

Which made perfect sense. So that's what we did.

I like how after you say words like that, everything automatically becomes decadent. Suddenly of course you take a cab even though you haven't once before in the entire stay,


No wait, that was a lie. We took a cab back home from the party after Zak's show, and I could be part of Manko's very first visit to the liquor store, after which she laughed at me since I'm so picky with whisky I buy but upon purchasing cigarettes go: "Please give me the cheapest."

Anyhow, of course you take a cab, and of course you get a hotel room, and even the disdainful american beer you get on the way suddenly has a silver lining of sparkly grandiosity since it's linked to four great looking punk sluts about to have sex with each other.

Why is this my second most important impression? Because it was the most successful, least awkward, least dissapointing, least superfluous or embarrassing orgy I have ever taken part in. Everything worked.
It went on for hours, no one's equipment failed, everyone felt satisfied as far as I know, there was no drama, and everyone looked hot.

It's good to work with professionals."

Thanks Temper!

So that was the main highlight of the New York portion of our trip, shooting again with Bob Coulter, Steve Prue and Ellen Stagg and shooting and hanging out with the very sweet and caring and lovely Justine Joli are among others.

Maybe I'll write about Berlin, Gyor and Budapest next time.