Saturday, December 29, 2007

Kimberly Kane and Mandy Morbid

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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Sasha Gray Fucks Mandy Morbid Pt. 2

-So there's no music this time--what's up with that?

I liked the way we sounded this time, and I didn't feel like music suited this scene. They're my videos I can do what I want with them.

-Was it hard being up on the sink like that?

Umm, I think it was a little awkward for Sasha because I'm short and she had to bend all sorts of odd ways to get the dildo in me.

-So it wasn't fun?

Why wouldn't it have been fun? It was still fun, it's just the dildo kept popping out...Dude, I was getting fucked by Sasha...I got to lick her clit and suck on her nipples, you wouldn't have fun doing that?

-Did you know her from before or what?

We met on a movie set. She fucks some people in it and I roller skate topless.

-So last time you said kung-fu flicks were better than most porn--what kind of porn do you like?

I like Hentai with tentacles and monsters.

-Like Japanese cartoons?


-What was the last one you saw?

Legend of the Demon Womb. And some Angel Blade but Angel Blade was stupid because there wasn't enough monsters.

-But "Legend of the Demon Womb" was good? What's it about?

It has some good parts. I've never paid too much attention to the plot but it seems to be about some evil sorcerer person who's trying to summon some other evil monster thing--who likes to fuck---and some kids who are trying to stop that from happening.

-Why are they trying to stop that?

Probably because they think that fucking monsters is bad. Who knows? I don't care, it's just a sexy cartoon. I'm glad there's monsters in it.

-But it's your position that fucking monsters is not bad?

Yes. In Japanese cartoons. Maybe also in real life if the monster's didn't also kill me while fucking me.

-Would you rather fuck Sasha or monsters?

A Sasha that turns into a monster might be really awesome--Sasha with pussy-tentacles. Oh, that would be wondrous.

-She kind of looks like the spider-centaur in "Angel Blade"...

She's better looking than that chick.

-But she doesn't have eight legs that end in dicks.

No, and that's a bit sad.

-You think it keeps her up nights?

Probably not.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Mandy and Ming

-So Mandy, what happens in this next video?

Well, Ming and I were hanging out in this hotel room and thought it might be fun to like, kiss and fondle each other and stuff. And there just happened to be someone around to film it. How convenient, hmm?

Oh, and the amazing band Watch Me Burn provided the music once again. They are fantastic--everyone should check them out!

-Did you cum?

Yes, but not in this week's clip, you'll have to wait for that.

-So it's like a new video every saturday?

That's the plan.

-So, is this site gonna be all girl-girl or what?

Noooo, I just haven't finished editing the boy/girl stuff yet.

-Sweet--so, what's the scam? Like, how can this site be free?

I'm trying to keep production costs really low--editing the vids myself with a program that was a gift from a friend who thought it was a good idea for me to make porn. Friends helped design and build the site too. And so far I've got footage with girls I already knew.

Also, I'm hoping to sell ad space. You can always e-mail me at

-What are you watching?

I'm watching "Enter the Dragon". It's a childhood favorite.

-Who do you like best, the afro guy or the turtle-neck guy or Bruce Lee?

I like Bruce best--followed very closely by Afro guy. Both are beautiful. But Bruce fights more. Without his shirt on. And he gets cut up. Although Afro-guy does spend all that time with all those island sluts...hmm difficult question.

-If you like to fuck guys, are kung-fu movies like porn?

Yes. Better than most porn.

-What would you do if you were having sex with someone and they made that quivering face that Bruce Lee makes when he breaks someone's arm?

That--is not attractive, though remarkable. I'm not sure how I would react. Maybe someone should try it sometime to see what I would do.

-Which part is it on now?

The part where Bruce puts on his spy costume and goes sneaking around the island compound.

-Do you have or want to have an island compound?

I do not. And I'm not sure what I would ever need or want an island compound for, unless I filled it with hot chicks and hot chocolate and the sluts neutralized all the island's allergens...'cause I'm allergic. To everything.

-But not to sluts?


Saturday, December 8, 2007

Sasha Grey fucks Mandy Morbid in the Shower.


Finally a real live video!

This is the gorgeous Sasha Grey and me in my shower. It was lots of fun. Can you tell?

Watch Me Burn provided the music for this video and they are awesome!

There will be more of Sasha and me, this is episode one, so come back.

Next week, my little friend Ming entertains herself playing with my tits in a hotel room.

Ta ta for now.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Unless of course you don't like big tits, small waists and cute round asses.


I'm Mandy Morbid and this apparently is my new blog. Ooooo.

My sexy site is up--thanks to Benny Profane and Zak Sabbath, but alas, there is no actual content yet because I'm still working on a few things. But soon all will be ready. I hope.

And, yes it's ALL free. Really. No membership required and no payments.

My plan is to upload one new video a week, which will be from 5 to 10 minutes long.

Keep checking back and I promise you won't regret it. Unless of course you don't like big tits, small waists and cute round asses.

Monday, November 19, 2007


test test test.