Saturday, December 29, 2007

Kimberly Kane and Mandy Morbid

-Is it true Kimberly Kane has a lizard?

Yes, and his name is Lizard. KK told me that he's very grumpy lately because he's so horny. She got him a girlfriend lizard once, but he just raped and beat her up, so Kimberly took her away. Lizard is a mean lizard.

-He's a rapist? Were you scared of him?

No, because he's a lizard. In an aquarium.

-How long did you and Kimberly shoot?

A few hours. We shot stills first, and then the video. The stills are up on her site.

-So the look of this one is distinctly sleazy--whose idea was that?

That was all KK. She set up the room and lights where we shot. She's so depraved, I love it. I really like how the clips with her are turning out. Maybe in the future I won't be so lazy and I'll start to think about stuff like and lighting...then again, maybe not.

-So are you inviting people reading this to tell you whether they like the weird lights?

Um. No. Like I said, it has do with how much more effort I decide I want to put into my videos and projects. And what I like to see and do, not what other people think I should be doing.

-What about the lizard?

I think Lizard is a sleazy lizard. And he liked the red light too.

-Who is sleazier--you or Kimberly Kane?

My sleaziness is pretty subtle compared to KK's. Her's is definitely more overt.

-Did she like ask if she could tie you up and sell you on the black market or something?

She wouldn't sell me. She wants to tie me up and keep me.

-In a box?

What fun would I be in a box? You're weird.

-Well what would she keep you in?

Ask her. Probably her bedroom. Or a tank like Lizard has maybe. Maybe the tank with Lizard...

-Would you lie on a rock?

If it were a warm rock--it would feel good.

-That's hot.

If you say so.

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Excellent, once again.