Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Blame These Explicit Pics On Gia Jordan

These are from a shoot we did for Fox Magazine, you can find me in the April 2010 issue. There's also an interview along with a two page spread.

Oh, and this:

And the weeks I missed:

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Death Valley + Kimberly Kane + Me and Zak = Genius

January 2010--driving back to L.A from Vegas.
Kimberly said "Quick jump out of the car I gotta get this shot."
So we jumped out of the car and stood in front of some cacti as the sun was setting.
Result is gorgeous and this is my favorite photo of us ever.
"Like Sid and Nancy" one of my friends said.  "Yeah, only without the heroin" said I.

For all you people who keep asking--no it is not a staged photo. I really just was eating ice cream. Lucky timing, spontaneous shot. Kimberly has a good eye.