Monday, May 12, 2008

Mandy and Zak Fuck

-So what happens in this one?

I have no idea. Guess I should go watch the video huh?

-Yeah. Do that and then let us know, I'll wait...

Aw, come on. Of course I know what happens, I made it. That was supposed to be sarcastic....Zak fucks me in a couple different positions and also I suck his cock.

-Oh. What do you think of Jean-Paul Sartre's critique of Kirkegaard?

It was interesting but also very difficult to understand at first. But the further you read the clearer it got. It got a bit redundant at the end though. I dunno, parts of it seemed a bit excessive...

-Excessive in what way?

Unnecessary to get his point across.

-Well what would you say his point was?

It had something to do with paradoxes and non-knowledge, knowledge, or knowledge as lived experience and how all that affects a subject or object in a historical sense....maybe I should re-read it just so I can answer questions about it more articulately--I feel like I understand it fairly well in my head, but I'm not doing a very good job of talking about it. It's a multi-tiered and circular subject, there was some fun theological bits too. Those were much easier.

-Yeah, theology is cake. Is it true you met the singer from Operation Ivy this week?

Yes. He shoots photos for this magazine, Punk Rock Confidential. They sent me to him to have him photograph me. I had fun. He and his band photographer/assistant were awesome and very human. Human compared to a lot of people involved in the adult industry I've been exposed to lately, they were very normal, friendly, not sleazy, and honestly enthusiastic about stuff. Like his art and getting good photos. I asked him to get me an autograph for a good friend of mine back home who's had a rough year and he gave me signed Rancid cds for her since she's a huge fan. He's also a big Star Wars fan so of course that's a plus in his favor. Heh.

-When Hannah Arendt says that "Fascism is the aestheticization of politics" do you think that applies to the Empire in general and the Sith in particular?

Totally. But because the Empire is a made-believe thing in a fantasy story I don't feel too bad about thinking it's cool.

-It's hard to see wanting to be anybody IN the Empire, except the people in charge. Wanting to look at them sure, but most of the people working their--like, say, Captain Needer, seem like textbook examples of what Arendt would call the "banality of evil."

Heh, or the evil of banality? Yeah...and it doesn't seem like the people in charge are having much fun either. Vader is the Emperor's puppet and the Emperor is always pissed off. The only time they seem to have any fun is when they're displaying their power is some tacky way and that must get boring after awhile, or I would get bored at least. They do have style though. Just not much substance.

-Is making free porn all day possibly a way of resisting the "evil of banality"?--a way of refusing to aid in the project of totalization of capital by putting yourself in a position where you constantly have to think about what you're doing and whether you should be doing it and exactly in what way you should do it?

I think that's a great way of saying why I do it. Someone asked me recently what my motivation was and I said something about craving intense experience and how I'd be so bored with life if I weren't challenging myself in some way, risking something. I'm the kind of person who's unsatisfied if I'm not going to some kind of extreme. So yeah, that's much better, very accurate saying resisting the evil of banality. And I am challenging myself with all this porn stuff--I'm willing exposing myself to situations that make me question not conventional notions of morality and feminism but my own ideas.

-I'm really thirsty. While I go get something to drink why don't you take the questions people asked recently in the mail and answer them here...

Ok. T.A. said...

"Do you use the camera mic or do you have a separate mic (with boom) hooked into the AV input/output? I've noticed some audible bumps as your camera operator moves around. Nothing bad or distracting from the visuals, but something I've been curious about."

I use the camera mic. When we shoot it is very very simple, sort of spontaneous, and not really choreographed in any way. (Except for the tentacle monster, some of those shots were planned.) There's no extras, no equipment other than my little sony handy-cam. So--just some people fucking, sometimes some cool lights if Kimberly Kane is around to help out and someone holding my camera, stepping over the crap that's all over my bedroom floor, or picking up traffic noises from outside.

Kk said...

"I love your Q&A blog. Can your fans write questions for you to answer on your Q&A blog?"

Yes, please!

Richard said...

"Is it possible to find the older videos? I can only find two movies in the archive, but the blog indicates that there are much more :-)"

I had to remove most of the old videos from the archives because I was having bandwidth issues. It's a free site, if you want to have access to more content then seriously, go buy some stuff through all the affiliate links on my site. Then makes a bit more money and can offer you more.

I did put up a couple of my favorites though. One of the Sasha Grey videos is now up in the archive section, along with the Kimberly Kane foot fucking video.

So. Now the archive contains: The tentacle sex monster video, a tit-fucking/fucking boy-girl video, a recent girl-girl (Chapel Waste) and the Kimberly and Sasha videos.

That is all I will be making available in the archives for the time being.

-And I presume whatever new stuff you shoot?

No. If you want to see what I'm doing then you've gotta check the site out every week. There's no reason for me to put everything new I'm doing in the archives. Unless it's something exceptional like the monster or the foot fucking.

-So it's like Saturday Morning Cartoons back before there were DVDs--I gotta watch every week or else...

Yup. That's the deal.

-If I bought "Young Hollywood" and liked it, should I shoot you an e-mail saying how good it was?

Please do. I would really appreciate that.

Also if you ever want to send me book recommendations I like those too.

-What if I send you a recommendation to read a book like "Freakonomics" or "Madame Bovary" or "The Hipster Handbook" that is obviously contemptible and beneath you--will you hurt me or mock me publicly?

No, I will just quietly ignore your suggestion.

-What about stuff that is obviously for goths?

Again, those kinds of suggestions will most likely be ignored. Take a look at the author's I like on my myspace page or something if you're not sure I guess. I like Martin Amis, Sartre, Nabokov, Jeff Noon, Irvine Welsh, M John Harrison, Orwell,
Boccaccio, stuff like that.

-What's your favorite comic book?

That's a really hard question. I liked the Wonder Woman from the 80's a lot. I like Iron Fist right now. I like the New Avengers. I have one treasured issue of Aquaman but just cause some of the art is super sexy. Oh...Dolphin I want to look like you...I love some of the Inhumans comics. I read a lot of JLA when I was younger.

-Do you wish you had a rope you could tie people up with that would make them tell the truth?

Only sometimes, not always. If I had one I'd be real careful about when to use it.

-Do you wish that, like Iron Fist, that once a day you could deliver a crushing blow powerful enough to annihilate anyone who got in your way?

Depends on how they "got in my way".

-Do you agree with people that think that while the old Avengers comics were about what it meant to Be An Avenger--i.e. to be a real Hero and not just a protagonist of a comic with powers--the New Avengers are some totally different thing about something else?

I haven't read many of the old Avenger comics, I've read some--but not that many. I think the new ones are certainly different from a lot of comics in some ways, and that makes them better.

-Way to dodge the question. Are the comics or are they not about What It Means To Truly Be A Hero?

Thanks. I think everyone who reads my blog knows where I stand with my political and ethical opinions. "What It Means To Truly Be A Hero?" Huh. Okay, I'm feeling a little lazy so lets save that question for the start of next weeks blog, so I have time to think about it. Damn, I feel like I'm in school and I've got an essay question. Only this one might be fun.

Oh--and I shot with Bob Coulter again today and that was awesome and exciting. He IS the god of erotic photography. Check out too, Zak and I are doing naughty things on there.

-So you're done here?

Yup. Bye.

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T.A. said...

It's a good thing you mentioned Arendt! I forgot I wanted to use her for my thesis! Good thing you blog weekly to remind someone as absent-minded as I am. And all the fascist talk in your blog makes me want to ask if you can do a "Night Porter" themed show some time. That would be ridiculously fucking hot.

Thanks for the answer regarding the audio. Your definition reminds me of cinema verite, given the aesthetic and ideological choices behind your shooting style. Any chance you can do some location shooting?

And Kimberly Kane is on my TV right now. No joke.