Sunday, March 16, 2008

Mandy Morbid and Sasha Grey Again. (And I Spit on Her Nipple)

-So what made you spit on Sasha Gray's nipple?

I do not know and I don't really care. I just did it. She seemed to like it.

-So do you just go around spitting on everybody's nipples?

Only if the nipples are asking for it. You have to understand the nipple's language though.

-You speak the tongue of nipples?

A little,I'm not entirely fluent, I'm still learning.

-One of those things where you wear the headphones and repeat the phrases?

Ou est la plume de ma tante?

-La plume de ma tante est sur la langouste de ma tante. But anyway, enough of that...what've you been up to this week?

Ugh....parties, suicide girls...posing for pictures, arranging "meetings" with girls who do porn. There are some pictures up at of the party for Little Runaway 2 that I went to, cause my friend Daisy Tanks is in it. Go see! My tits hold beer--no hands!

-So how's that Daisy Tanks movie?

Well I tried to only pay attention to her scene. She's awesome, so cute. Cute in italics. Seriously.

-So when is there gonna be a scene with you and Daisy Tanks up on here?

I don't know when. When the stars align in such a way that a scene with Daisy and me being filmed is possible.

-What is she, fucking Cthulu?

Hmm...I kind of hope so. But I doubt it.

-You hope she is a sleeping star-demon bent on the annihilation of man?

Yup, that's the one. She looks all cute and innocent, I bet that would surprise some people.

-I wouldn't exactly say Daisy Tanks looks "innocent"...

Well then you're looking at her hair and not her face.

-In her face I see, at the very least, someone who spends an awful lot of time in traffic court...

She still manages to look innocent, or hapless at least, even under all the crazy make-up and snarling.

-So what did you eat today?

A strawberry milkshake and Udon and some tempura squash or something orange and soft, and some boba milk tea.Oh, and a bagel in the morning. Why?

-Well some people are interested to know what the contemporary DIY porn chick's diet consists of...

Oh I see. It is totally inconsistent. And now I have a stomach ache. Probably because it's so inconsistent. Or Japanese after a milkshake is just a bad idea in general and now I've learned my lesson.

-Anything else you need us to know this week?

Hmmm.....I'm getting lots of questions about how there are only a few videos up in the "videos we did before section". Yeah--there's only a few of my favorites up now. The new vids won't automatically end up saved there. So you have to come back every week to see what's up, or you might miss something hot and have to wait awhile before you'll ever get to see it again. Because I'm saving up this stuff for something fun.

-You slut.

Indeed, I guess. I'm sleepy, I'm done with this blog thing. G'night.


Farson said...

This particular video? Hot!

dikdikmoreno said...

Is there a link to this video? I wanna see it again.