Saturday, January 24, 2009

Things are looking up.

Things I have to look forward to (in chronological order, not in order of importance):

-Being healed from my surgery and feeling better because of the surgery.

-Plans to play Wii with SG Starla next week, and Kimberly
Kane too.

-Being allowed to have sex again after my surgery and make some new videos for!!

-Pixie Pearl coming to stay with me and Zak next month.

- SG Temper coming to visit in March!! (And if I'm lucky deciding to never leave.)

-Possibly a trip to NYC in March too.

-A SG Quinne and Adria(that's me) joint-birthday-house-party in SF in April. Our birthdays are a day apart, same year. We will bake our own cake and drink and talk about being Canadian. I have plans to drag Starla and Kimberly along.

-Maybe seeing SG Vivid again sooner rather than later.

-Caitsey coming to LA sometime soon, she says.

-Not leaving Los Angeles for X-Mas this year.

Things that are I am currently pleased with:

-My new Wii.

-Seeing Amebix play last night, they were amazing!

-Medication that works and feeling better.

-Learning Hungarian is quite easy so far.

-Zak's model future-city.

-My sister's learning to play the cello, and she's good.


Devbinks said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better! Enjoy that Wii ^_^ I've been getting my ass kicked in WiiFit lol

Anonymous said...

I love your site. You should make a video of you and SG Quinne making out when you have your birthday party. That would be you getting me something for your birthday. Which would be wonderful.

P. Weasels said...

If you haven't named your bird of Prey yet, it should be called Mohawk.

jordan said...

Holy shit Amebix it playing!? i must see this

Anonymous said...

Holy shit!! Amebix is touring?!

I wish they'd come to Texas.

Jeffinator said...

Good to hear that your surgery went well and you're feeling better.

I bet you have trouble creating a Mii for your Wii that looks like you. No pink mohawks, WTF?

Shannan said...

Hey Mandy, I had similar surgery several years ago and it really helped with the terribly painful periods and cramps. I know it takes a while to recover and have sex, that sucks. Hopefully they gave you better meds than I got. So take care and watch lots of movies and let all your friends take care of you while you can. I saw Amebix in SF last week too, it was awesome. Anyway, my boyfriend and I have a lot of fun with Hospital, and your website, you are soooo cute. Thanks for being awesome.


Roberto Junior said...

Olá, sou do Brasil e acho você incrivel, linda demais.
Devia vir conhecer o Brasil.
Tem poucas mulheres aqui iguai a você. Beijos.

bike death said...

my respect for you went up oodles when you said you saw amebix. i saw them a couple weeks ago and they blew minds!

no gods no masters!

Nadavu said...

Hungarian is bloody hard, I've been hearing it all my life and yet I never managed to master it, despite having no problems acquiring english to which I was equally exposed to. The problem is all those vowels, just a shit load too many of thems!