Saturday, January 3, 2009

Pink Birds of Prey

So for Christmas from my fantastic lover I got a pink, hand decorated Klingon Bird of Prey, it was hanging from my ceiling when we got home tonight from our holiday traveling.

It is AWESOME in every sense of the word AWESOME.

It can fight my TIE fighter and Borg cube. (Zak and I already made them go "zoom" and fight a little.)

I also got a antique compact which is pretty nifty and I got my brother, sister and I a Hungarian language course so we can learn and practice together over the phone. Yay long distance activities.

All in all very good holidays, I have a much looked forward to surgery coming up that will make a huge, life changing difference and I also got to play D&D for the first time ever and meet some friend's new baby, who is very cute but not as cute as my Bird of Prey.

Which needs a suggestions?


T.A. said...

Pink Flamingo.

I hope everything goes well! I know it's been awhile since I dropped you a line. Take as much time away as you need... your health should always be priority #1. Please take care. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi. This is my first time here, I mean, I just found this blog after watching a tentacle rape video that redirected to your page. xD

And... well, I think I will start checking this blog each couple of days from now and on.

You said that your guy is a DM, you two should try a porn version of Paranoia, you will have a great time playing that.

And... I hope everything goes good with that surgery.

PS: The tentacle video is GREAT!
PS 2: Sorry for the bad english. x_x


Peter said...

i just found your website the other day, your beautiful and hope your surgury goes well and you life improves greatly from it :) As for your kickass Bird of Prey, why not name it after a Klingon warrior?? Martok or something, lol.

Kylito said...

raena (Ray-na)is a name i made up i dunno i like it
probably gonna name my duaghter that
gett better ok :D

Anonymous said...

I hope your surgery goes well and that you have a speedy recovery.

Michael said...

It's pink.

Is "Floyd" too obvious?

Anonymous said...

i like turtles

bairdduvessa said...

i hope you feel better!

great new vid too

Jonothan said...

What race/class did you play? :)