Wednesday, December 16, 2009


-So I hear Mandy Candy's doing well...

I saw a twitter post that said it was. Good Vibes posted that. So I guess it's true. I haven't had much feedback.

-Who's Good Vibes?

A company that makes and sells sex toys but also produces porn movies. They do a lot of queer stuff I think. Mandy Candy isn't queer porn though.

-What did they say?

The tweet (I hate that word) said it was their top selling dvd.

Trailer here:

*Get YOUR copy from the link on and I'll get some of the money.*

-What else you been doin'?

Umm planning my holiday trip back home, Christmas shopping/homemaking presents (I always start very early so I'm finished now just have to wrap 'em), went to Belladonna and Kimberly Kane's Winter Wonderland benefit for AIM (which went very well.)

Oh, I was in NYC about a month ago and I got to see my lovely and elegant and oh so punk rock fashion designer wife from Berlin and we got to fuck and have our photos taken in her stunning clothes (her website is )

And then she got sick which sucked. And then I got sick when I got home. So there was some recovering.

I shot a new set for Suicide Girls at Kimberly's house which I'm hoping will get approved for member review before the end of the month. Kimberly and I have been going to the gym a lot. You can't tell by the photos though. I also shot with Gia Jordan for Fox Magazine, that should be out in April they tell me.

I've been playing Zelda Twilight Princess on my Wii and Speed Racer on the Playstation 2 and a wee bit of D'nD with my girl friends. We got Kimberly into it too now! And I just started playing World of Warcraft last night after years and years of not having a computer that could run it. I have a trial account right now but one of my awesome fans got me an account and a copy of the game to install and I should be all set up this weekend! I find it very relaxing so I'll have to be careful not to play too much, I'll get addicted. And I'm kind of a lone wolf so I play alone as much as possible since making in-game friends seems awkward to me. Online social anxiety disorder.

Soo, if any of you have guilds you wouldn't mind having a low level newb in-- "hi" --I'm here.

Umm, what else have I been up to? Oh yeah, Vice was shooting some stuff of KK so they all came over here and we made a day of it. That was pretty nifty.

I've been reading more Jack Vance and some Nabokov short stories.

-I saw that you were at that benefit, what's up with that?

KK had been planing that benefit for months and she worked so hard. I'm glad they raised so much money for something we (me and my adult film performing friends) care about. Safe sex is important! Also important is the fact that we all looked so totally hot that night. Evidence of our collective hotness:

-That was important. What happened at the benefit?

They auctioned off a date with Belladonna, KK, Sasha Grey, and Joanna Angel. Faye Reagan told me she had a crush on me--which I'm obviously happy about--since she's so cute. Andy San Dimas was drunk and hugged me a lot, which also made me happy. It was a good party, I had fun, all my friends were there. Sasha touched my boobs a lot. Zak and I went out to dinner after with her and her boy Ian. She kept trying to see when my nipples popped out of my dress because apparently it's better when you see nipples accidentally rather than just asking to see 'em. So that was that.

Also Lexi Belle touched my boob too.

-Did you bid on any of the dates?

No. But if I had the money I would have bid for Bella 'cause I haven't really met her yet. I mean, I've met her but I've never really spoken to her.

-I don't think you'd have to pay Belladonna to talk to her...

I wouldn't be paying her if I bid on her, I'd be donating to AIM. That's why it was a charity event.

-Oh, right. Um, so what's it like going to AIM to get tested? Is there a ton of porno sluts lounging around reading National Geographic?

There isn't a ton of porno sluts. Sometimes it's busy but usually there's a few people there, and more come in as the others leave. Kind of a steady flow I guess. They have weird high-school/college-guidance counsellor-only adult-themed art. The people who work there are kind of awesome. There's no National Geographic but I would like it if there were. There's copies of AVN magazine and educational pamphlets in a bunch of different languages about STIs and the HPV vaccine. And also pamphlets advertising various facial and body beauty procedures.

-That would be a really weird plot for a porn movie...

Probably yes.


P.S: This is my Wish List, 'cause you know, 'tis the season to show how much you appreciate me and my free porn. If you do send me something please let me know or include a return address and I'll send you a lil thank you gift!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Check out to get your copy of Mandy Candy!

And this Saturday (December 5th) is the benefit my friend Kimberly organized (along with Belladonna) for our adult industry medical organization. AIM is non-profit and all the proceeds from this even go to AIM.
Help us keep a trusted STI and HIV testing clinic open and performers safe!