Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I'm Not Dead

I am sorry about dropping off the face of the planet right after that last post but my health deteriorated so rapidly that I couldn't write or deal with the auction results and soon I was flown back to Canada to try my luck with my homeland's health care system. I am still in Canada and will be for quite awhile and while I have no news to report of my medical condition and I am far from being well I have been assured that I am not in any immediate danger.

Zak is here with me now after a couple months of being separated. The longest time we've been apart since we met over 5 years ago, Drax is staying with my parents in another city until we move into our new place here September 1st. We still have our place in LA and eventually I will have the results of the auction taken care of or will simply re-do the sale if the original bidders are no longer interested, As I am too sick to travel it may take quite a long time--I am sorry.

Also a quick note about my wishlist. Since I have no access at the moment to some of the gifts sent me and most of the return addresses there will also be a significant delay in getting thank you packages sent out--as I also have no access to the dvds and 8X10s and stuff I send out to people who have been generous. However I assure you all that I have not forgotten and all the records have been saved so I can catch up when I have everything sent to me here or I am able to get back to LA.

Thank you all for your continued support!