Thursday, February 25, 2010

Freya: 28G/28FF and Fox Magazine

 From top to bottom:
Where Kimberly and I go hiking.
A picture Kimberly Kane took of an apartment building in Hollywood.
My bra tags. So you all can see for yourselves. No more of this double D nonsense.
Me this morning.

As for life in general: I'm in the latest issue of Fox Magazine--a multi page spread and an interview--shot by Gia Jordan--it's dirty so take a look, D&D with all the girls, World of Warcraft with Satine Pheonix, reading "The Untouchable" by John Banville alould to Zak while he works--love it--it's brilliant, wandering in Hollywood with Connie and her little dog Bug, hiking with Kimberly Kane, listening to "A Brief History of Time" before bed, drinking too much cinnamon hot chocolate.

I'm eager for some new modeling or porn work to happen, but I've gotta get just a touch healthier first.

Here's a great photo Ellen Stagg took of Charlotte Stokely and me a couple weeks ago:

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sweet Dreams


Recent webcam pics.
Also available for your viewing pleasure on my Twitter feed.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I Hit It With My Axe!

Finally! Now I can let you all in on the web-show we are doing called "I Hit It With My Axe" about us playing Dungeons and Dragons. Follow the link below to Zak's DnD blog to see the details!

Friday, February 12, 2010

The Stupid is Getting to Me

I think it's really really stupid that Zak Smith wasn't invited to Yale for "Sex Week" considering he IS a Yale graduate and IS an adult performer with a published book on the subject and has been making art about that same subject for years and years.

Probably one of the dumbest things that's happened all month. Including my massive problems with my medical conditions and incredibly over priced basic asthma medication.


Friday, February 5, 2010

What the Fuck is Going On?

What video's up this week?

-There is no video. I'm working on the site, it's going to be different.

What've you been up to?

- Asthma attacks, Dungeons and Dragons, more asthma. Oh and some arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraines, allergies, probably now a sinus/upper respiratory infection. I tried to dance again for one night but had a nasty attack the next day so I can't do that again any time soon. A little bit of ass fucking to keep life from getting too dismal. The fevers make my eyes burn so I can't spend much time playing video games or reading either--never mind the headaches. Oh and I fell and skinned my knee and bruised my elbows walking to Connie's house one night. I'm bored and frustrated.

Who do you play Dungeons and Dragons with?

- Zak Smith/Sabbath, Kimberly Kane (and her bearded dragon Liz), Frankie, Satine Pheonix, Connie, and sometimes Danny Wylde (Daniel). Sasha Grey played once with us, and Justine Joli played with us for a couple days too. Justine and I got make out a little. The girls (and Zak of course) have all been really great about helping me out while I've been ill--they deserve some credit for that.

What do you eat when you're sick?

- Anything I feel like. Zak made me banana bread the morning after my scary attack.

Can he cook?

- Yes. It was very good. It came from a box, but some people can still fuck those up pretty badly. Also I've been eating a lot of popcorn.

Do you watch movies while you eat popcorn?

-We played DnD and I also did a photoshoot with Charlotte Stokely and Ellen Stagg while eating popcorn. But that's a good idea--Kimberly lent me Star Trek I should make some popcorn and watch it tonight.

How'd your thing with Charlotte go?

- I suppose it went well. Charlotte is very very sweet.

Can we see pictures?

- Ok?