Thursday, February 25, 2010

Freya: 28G/28FF and Fox Magazine

 From top to bottom:
Where Kimberly and I go hiking.
A picture Kimberly Kane took of an apartment building in Hollywood.
My bra tags. So you all can see for yourselves. No more of this double D nonsense.
Me this morning.

As for life in general: I'm in the latest issue of Fox Magazine--a multi page spread and an interview--shot by Gia Jordan--it's dirty so take a look, D&D with all the girls, World of Warcraft with Satine Pheonix, reading "The Untouchable" by John Banville alould to Zak while he works--love it--it's brilliant, wandering in Hollywood with Connie and her little dog Bug, hiking with Kimberly Kane, listening to "A Brief History of Time" before bed, drinking too much cinnamon hot chocolate.

I'm eager for some new modeling or porn work to happen, but I've gotta get just a touch healthier first.

Here's a great photo Ellen Stagg took of Charlotte Stokely and me a couple weeks ago:


Gray Vulf said...

Just found the blog by way of Playing D&D with porn stars but enjoying going through the older posts. Hope you get better since you're under the weather.

Fashion Intel said...

Who designs your favorite bra?

bairdduvessa said...

that sunset pic is breath taking

Mandy Morbid said...

@ Fashion Intel:

I've never ever found one in my size that worked, that wasn't designed by Freya.


Anonymous said...

mandy you're extremely beautiful, i've never seen that kind of skin and eyes since brody from the distillers hehe.
stay pretty and punk

The Oblivious Wonder said...

Hope things keep on the up and up. "Getting better" and having fibro isn't always the easiest combo. I'll have days where I should be perfectly fine, except there's a huge storm front coming through and I feel a little bit like a rolled cowpie.

So here's hoping. Take care of yourself, yeah? Can't do much without your health.

Anonymous said...

Love the blog. Just want to say that it should be Charlotte Stokely and me, not "Charlotte Stokely and I". Not trying to be a grammar asshole but just want my favorite star to appear as smart as can be. :-)

Anonymous said...

Trying to find the Fox Magazine in Chicago, but having a difficult time. Is it March or April issue?

Mandy Morbid said...

March issue I believe.

Anonymous said...

I usually buy Freya but Panache is good too, you just have to go up a cup size!

Anonymous said...

Charlotte's ass and your breasts together could rule the male and lesbian world. (After a while I assume there wouldn't be any straight women left in such a kingdom anyway.)