Monday, May 16, 2011

Mandy's Massive Bra Auction is Over.

All right--the bra auction is over!
Give me a few hours to post the winners and round up the appropriate info I need to send these off to you boys.

Sold were the Pollyanna, the Jessica, the pink Joli, and the Swamp Witch bras--to the highest bidders.

As for the others--I'll find something worthwhile to do with them.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mandy's Massive Bra Auction

So I have some used items that no longer fit me, some barely worn but-worn in photos and sets. Some of the bras are much too used to be really useful to any female interested in a well fitting bra and so are being sold mainly as fetish items, for example I am selling a bra that is a 28FF or 28F I believe, that is so used up and stretched out --had it since I was 19 or 20 years old-- that only someone who really wants a piece of old well loved oddly sized Mandy Morbid lingerie will be interested in purchasing.

 Below are the photos and descriptions and sizes of the items I have photos of so far.
All are Freya bras with one exception and all require hand washing in cool water, and hang or lay flat to dry.

Auction will be held in the comments below and bidding will continue for a week. Final price does not include shipping but will include 3 candid pics of me spilling out of the too small bra you've won for your amusement.

Note: These are all old photos--more than a year or so with the exception of the yellow and black nameless one. They fit or mostly did at the time they were photographed but alas no longer.

Red Freya "Rio" bra sz 28F Good condition.

White Freya "Pollyanna Balcony Bra" sz 28G This is my proper size but it's slightly damaged from one accidental machine wash. Hardly worn.

Dark pink Freya "Jolie" sz 28F --as you can see much too small for me but very comfortable. Good condition but has been worn.

Black Freya "Jolie" sz 28F again very comfortable but wrong size for me. (I bought this again in a 28G) Decent condition, has been worn.

Black with blue flower print Freya "Pollyanna" sz 28FF Very well worn and loved.

Black and nude Freya "Lola Plunge Bra " sz 30F Obviously wishful thinking on my part when I bought this. Used mainly for photoshoots. Not worn as an "everyday" bra because it's the wrong size. Good condition.

Black, red, and cream/nude Freya "Jessica Plunge Bra" sz 28F Hardly worn, great condition.

Nude Freya "Active Sports Bra" sz 30DDD (was the closest I have ever come to finding a sports bra in my size--totally doesn't fit at all anymore--cannot squeeze into it.) Great condition. Hardly used.

Black Freya "Antoinette Bra" sz 28F sadly outgrown as all the 28F's are. Great condition.

 One of my all time absolute favorites. Had for ages. From an old Freya collection from years ago. I cannot find the name of this item even online. It's 28F or 28FF the tag is very worn. Not sure about parting with this one so it'll only go for a good offer. Yellow with black stripes, little yellow rosette and ribbon detail.

Nude with white raised embroidered floral pattern. Leopard print inside. Victoria Secret sz 34A--was a hand me down. Padded. Worn for my Swamp Witch set for Suicide Girls only.