Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mandy Morbid's Laptop is for sale. AND This Year's AVN Awards

Hey I'm selling my two year old Sony Vaio Notebook VGN-TXN25N

I want to switch to a Macbook so I can edit video easier.

It's fast and I'm selling it with all my naked photos, Mandy Morbid movie stills, and tons of candid pics of me with porn stars and other SGs still on it. (It's also been decorated, I will send photos.)

Please email me at if you interested, I'm looking for $950.00 US for it.

And to answer some questions:

The surgery is for endometriosis and it's next week.

I played a tiefling rogue.

Oh, and I haven't named the Bird of Prey yet, nothing seems right for it.

And yes, I will be at AVN this year, the 9th to the 11th, if you see me, come say "Hi!"


RDFB said...

What is AVN?

Anonymous said...

wish i could go to the AVNs and say hi, but i kinda live a couple of thousand miles apart.

Glad to hear some words from ya, hope ya enjoyed the holidays and good luck on surgery, its alway a weird experience going under the knife.

Anonymous said...

As for names for the Bird of Prey, here are a few.

Stella, Elenora, Violet, Rebecca, Lila, Charlotte, Edie, Fiona, Madison, Bella.

That's off the top of my head. Have fun at AVN

Maddragoon said...

Good luck with your surgery. My wife has that and while surgery does help for a bit, it can be recurring, so make sure you find a doctor that really cares and is willing to help you find ALL the options. Are they putting you on Lupron afterwards? If so be prepared for those hot flashes!

Again, good luck with everything and get well soon.

stephen said...

Ugg. my sis had endometriosis. It was very painful. Good luck kiddo. I hope for a quick recovery.

I stumbled across your site. You are absolutely beautiful.

fotowĂśrks said...

i was at AVN on the 9th, and had a blast. hooked up with old contacts, and made new ones. i hope all works out for you, & good luck with the surgery, i hate hospitals my self! you rock!

Adamantyr said...

A tiefling rogue, cool. Did you have fun playing it?

I hope the surgery goes quickly and cleanly without any issues.

Anonymous said...

For video editing, a Macbook may not be the best choice. Slightly underpowered CPU, and some slightly dodgy codec and container support if you venture beyond standard Quicktime. A Macbook Pro might work out better if you want to switch to OSX.

Hellen said...

Good luck with the surgery!
I'm sad I wasn't in Vegas this year to hang out with you & Zak again ;)

Yoav said...

Hey Mandy,

I'm a big fan and i'll be more than happy to give u some free help with your computer issues (mac or pc)

let me know :)

Anonymous said...

What kind of video editing do you need to do with the Mac (what codecs, etc.)? I agree that a plain MacBook could be rough going (I'm a Mac fiend, btw). For example, I've recently been working with HD .MTS files (Sony cam), which are tough to deal with on slow processors. Anyway, might want to shell out for Final Cut Express... Good luck.