Monday, July 28, 2008

We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties This Week But Here Is a n Old Video of Mandy's Butt.

So I've been very very busy lately and have neglected my journal. I am sorry. Rest assured I've been up to sexy mischief, some of which you will be able to view in the near future.

I'll write a real blog soon too, I promise!

Next weekend we'll be back to brand new footage too.

If people want to encourage me, they can write up some questions they'd like me to answer, and email 'em to me. I'll answer. Here's an "open question" blog I did for my SG journal a few weeks ago:

O.k---Here's the answers to your questions.
If you requested a photo---you've gotta give me more time to get those posted.

[whiteyford] asked:
-OK...completely off the wall question...what REALLY makes you orgasm? You know...the BIG O, the one where your eyeballs roll up into the back of your head, your back arches in terminal rictus, and your legs shudder uncontrollably?

There are ways to get an answer to that question which might be less boring and typical than mine. Which is, oral or digital stimulation after getting fucked hard. Go check out my website you perv. :P

-What do you miss most about Montreal?

The atmosphere--just seeing the city, the language, the food.

[The Boss] asked:
-Hmm... What do rockout to in the car?

I don't have a car or a driver's license. But when I visit my family there is often sister-and-dad-time-in-the-car music. Which is usually this stuff, loud: Billy Idol, Alice Cooper, Tom Petty, David Bowie, Jethro Tull, Jon Bon Jovi (blush) or Pink Floyd. Because little girls like Daddy's music once in awhile.

[Vivid] wants to know all this stuff:
-Favorite fruit?

Bananas! Pears and dark plums. Mmm.

-Favorite haircolor? Dye used?

Purple and pink. Special Effects"deep purple" and "cupcake pink"

-Oddest thing you can do with your body?

I can lick my own nipples. But generally it's the other way around---my body does odd things to me. Like one of my eyes turned from blue to green when I was 11 or 12.

-Favorite animal?

I like pretty fish. I'm not allergic to them.

-Excited to have Vivid fun time happy hour?

So so excited!! (Suicide Girl Vivid is coming to stay with me for a few days this week!)

[RexArenn] asked these two:
-Is EVERYTHING too generalized? I want to know about the one thing you could change about the current quality of life in America. No pressure. I don't necessary mean the environment or economy. Just whatever you have a strong interest in that you think should be improved upon/made legal/etc.

Yes, EVERYTHING is too general. I would change the quality of and attitude towards health care. Then education. Then other stuff.

-Here's a weird question: If you could design your own family with CELEBRITIES, who would you choose and why?

Um, my brain gets all lazy and stubborn when asked to think about celebrities. It doesn't like doing it. I'm sorry but I've gotta just skip this question.

byebyegoodeye] wants:
-movies that you recommend? Another set would be lovely

Another set IS on the way. I would recommend "Encounters at The End of The World" and the new Marvel movies, Iron Man and The Hulk. (New set will be up in member review on August 5th, shot by Steve Prue!)

[Jayhel] asked:
-IF you could go anyware in the world, where would it be and why?

That awesome city at the beginning of The Hulk, in Brazil I think. If that place is real I want to go there. Because it's beautiful. And Budapest properly. Because I didn't have time to see much of it the first time I was there.

[Vidocq] said:
-Do you want to try my sybian ?

The offer is appreciated, but those things intimidate me. And I tend to prefer people to toys.

[trojan91] want to know:
-I'd like to know if you'll do a Diablo III related set if/when it's released?

It's certainly a possibility.

[Enni] wants to know:
-Who is your favourite sg?

My favorites are listed just like everyone else's, but [Temper] reigns supreme at the moment because she did that fantastic tentacle set, and no SG writes a better journal entry than she does.

[Meagan] asked:
-Where is your favorite place to visit?

Berlin, New York, Montreal and Ottawa are my favorite places to visit.

[dieseldave5150 ] asked:
-If you could pick one person any time in history who would you want to be????? one really. Someone with a cock.

[JayBugg] said:
-I want to know what's your favorite zim episode

Planet Battles, the one where he says "I'm in a bear suit." Any episode where Gir says the word "spolding" instead of "exploding".

[ilooklikesatan] asked:
-If you had to spend a week out doors. Where would it be and what would you take with you?

In a city in late summer or early autum. And I'd have books and my medicine and Zak's hoodie with Boba Fett and Darth Vader on it with me. And a magically endless supply of milky tea that's always the right temperature for the weather.

-And I want to see a set where you're dying your hair. I don't know why....

That could be arranged. Or I might just post some pictures I already have of me doing that sometime.

TOMBSTONE19] said:
-What I Would like to see ? How about a set or video with you smiling and or having a good time .

I don't like to see photos of myself smiling in sets unless it's a real smile. Otherwise it just looks fake and awkward and unattractive. There are plenty of candid pix of me in my photo album smiling and having a good time. And I will post more---or a video someday.

[LaceyK] said:
-You have a million dollars and only one month to spend it. What do you do?

Well, since there's no death implied once that month is up in that question, I would spend some of it on figuring out what's wrong with me, or just getting healthy. Then I would start giving it to people I know who need it. Then I might do something fun, like fly all the people I know and like to someplace interesting to hang out with me. Oh and I'd use a decent chunk of it to fund the best porno movie ever made or conceived.

[rsabatino] asked:
-what do you prefer boxers or briefs lol

I'm indifferent. Unless your balls are going to get saggy if you don't wear briefs. In which case, yeah briefs are better. I don't want any saggy balls near my face--do you?

[slacker elite] says:
-If you could go back in time and witness one historical event what event would it be and why?

I'd like to hang around castles Cachtice and Sarvar (accents missing :() between the years 1585 and 1610. To see what was really going on in there.

[Makavelli] asked:
-Will you be at the San Diego Comicon?

Not this year. Maybe next year.

-I want to see you in a plaid mini skirt, black boots, covering yourself in baby oil or Pam cooking oil.

I'm sure there's pictures of that already somewhere. If not I'll just wear that to Comicon next year. :P

fatkidlovescake] asked:
-why dont we ever hang out any more?

Probably because we never did. And I don't know who you are. Or who you think I am.

[quisel] asked:
-what is a friend for you ?

A person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.
A person who gives assistance; patron; supporter
A person whom one knows, likes, and trusts.
A person whom one knows; an acquaintance.
One who supports, sympathizes with, or patronizes a group, cause, or movement

-what is your preferr music?

I don't have one favorite kind but good industrial turns me on.

-3 thing very important in the life?

Asthma medication, good sex as often as possible....and birth control/condoms/clean aim tests.

-And i want see you in vampire style.

Wait 'till my hair grows out? Um...I have a crappy wig, maybe I'll play dress up. ;)

[Fatality] wants to know:
-What inspired your drastic appearance changes between your first sets and now?

I didn't have a respectable job looking after medically fragile and special needs kids in a foster home anymore and New York in the summer is unbearably hot and humid. Shaving my head was due to the heat and the fact that I could and there would be no serious repercussion---like losing my job. The tattoos and piercings were simply because I had the money to get 'em and I wanted 'em. :)

[FrankDelgato] asked:
-WHAT'S THE POINT? (in your opinion)

What's the point of what?

[Gaea] asked:
-How did you get your hair so purple in your profile pic?!

Bleach. Then Special Effects "Deep Purple". And take photos in the sunshine.

[Schuldig] asked:
-Which do you prefer - Canada or the USA?

Hmm.....Neither? Most of Canada is boring. And the USA is seriously fucked up.


Anonymous said...

'wow he just slides right under there' is great line. I hope no-one suffered from undercooked shrimp, or overcooked boob.

Anonymous said...

"That awesome city at the beginning of The Hulk, in Brazil I think. If that place is real I want to go there. Because it's beautiful."

I didn't watch the movie, but I've searched on Wikipedia: it's Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

I'm Brazilian. I think you are a nice person with a beautiful body and I love your tentacle video, I'm waiting for more ^o^ .