Saturday, July 5, 2008

Mandy, Satine and Zak Do Naughty Things.

-What did you do on Canada Day?

I hung out with Starla Suicide and she fed me cheap beer and BBQ.

-Is she Canadian? Is cheap beer Canadian? Is BBQ Canadian?

She is Canadian. The cheap beer was not Canadian, because the American beer was cheaper. Though originally the plan had been to purchase Canadian beer, the idea of spending less money and not being patriotic won. Although being practical instead of mindlessly patriotic is kind of a Canadian trait. The BBQ is not Canadian either, but it was tasty.

-Is liking things that are tasty a Canadian value? Educate us.

I think liking things that are tasty is just human. Way to bring up the argument some of the boys who were there had. Which was really not very Canadian. Since we don't like conflict. Silly American boys being all loud in public and disagreeing.

-What were they disagreeing about? If they were disagreeing about a moose, would that be patriotic?

They were disagreeing about the "true" nature of art. And about the moose, maybe.

-So there was a moose?

No, no moose. I meant that it might be patriotic if they were disagreeing about a moose.

-What was there besides arguers and a Suicide Girl?

Nothing really other than alcohol. Maybe some cigarettes. An apartment that Humphrey Bogart apparently lived in when he first moved to Hollywood.

-Was it a fancy apartment?

Nope. Just a very small apartment, with obviously young people living in it.

-Did you make a video where you have sex with the Suicide Girl?

No. Sometimes Suicide Girls have boyfriends and so are not allowed to make sex videos with you. And sometimes they just don't want to have sex with you. Which is okay and you can still be friends and talk about nail polish and gossip about Suicide Girl related things and also about how it's fun to live in L.A and not Canada anymore even though there are things about Canada that are good and better than things in America.

-What's good about Los Angeles?

Sluts. Sunshine. Places to go swimming. Busy, big city type activities and culture. Other Suicide Girls things, which often mean modeling related work. American boys....It's a fair trade off (for now) for good quality free health care and cleaner environments, less crime, and a government that's slightly less criminal and more responsible and accountable.

-What is it about American boys?

Umm, I don't know how to answer that question.

-What's going on in this movie you're posting this week?

It's Satine Phoenix, Zak Sabbath and me fooling around.

-They're Americans, right?

Well I don't think Satine was born in the U.S but yeah, they're Americans.

-We're they good?


-What made them good?

They enjoy what they do and they're passionate.

-Would you say Americans enjoy what they do and are passionate?

No. Not at all. Only a few rare ones I've been lucky enough to meet. If you want to substitute excitable and needlessly self-righteous or reactionary, then sure ok.

-Oh. What about firecrackers? Do you like them?

Not really. I like fireworks though.

-Do you shoot off fireworks on Canada Day?

Well I don't. But other people do.

-So I hear you're excited about Diablo III--are you excited that there's a character in there that has the same name as your Suicidegirl name?

I don't know if excited would be an accurate way of describing it. But I am amused by the coincidence (Adria was my WoW character's name too, and that's why I used it for SG when all the variations of "Mandy" were taken when I applied). And curious. But yeah, excited about the game in general.

-Should fans post on here if they want to see you do some sort of Diablo III-themed porn when it comes out?

I suppose so.

-Ok, you heard the lady.


T.A. said...

Harper is the devil. I miss Chretien. At least he provided some humour.

Anonymous said...

It's kinda weird how Americans see Canada and Mexico, like they're the younger siblings who are just learning the ways of the world.
Silly America, moosies are for kids.

- from the mitten.

Anonymous said...

It's kinda weird how Americans see Canada and Mexico, like they're the younger siblings who are just learning the ways of the world.
Silly America, moosies are for kids.

- from the mitten.

Adam said...

Thanks for a kickass job doing something great, that people can enjoy.
Appriciated, Much lovins.


Anonymous said...

blah blah blah, ba blah... you're gorgeous and must do the diablo vid.... you have been mindlessly hipnotized by the internet text, its not your fault. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I say one video per character class!

I'm not sure that is the sort of marketing that Blizzard is really looking for, but what the fuck.

Najy said...

Found you through ariel's photos.

You're hilarous and stunning.
I wish I knew who you were before I had gone to LA!