Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Kimberly Kane's boy is a very talent photographer, his name is Denis McGrath. He took these pics during one of our D&D games in my apartment. That pig in the last pic is named Ping Pong Von Laserstein.

I'm in the city I was born in hanging out with my little sister. It's wonderful.


Anonymous said...

awesome shots

bairdduvessa said...

looking lovely all of you

Vincint said...

I was expecting bare boobs and awesome hair, but the professionalism in these pics will suffice. Along with the pig. :P

Dxn said...

=) nice pics!
ur so beautiful also!! =)

Anonymous said...

Is that dude with the short hair the dude that fucks/fucked Dana Dearmond? Swear I saw that guy at a Phobia show before.

Anyway, I liked it much better when hipsters stayed away from D&D. The nerd culture being celebrated today makes me sick, it's basically, "I can play D&D, AND be cool!", it's like "a hobby but not really a hobby", in any case it's fucking lame. Probably 4th edition too, typically casual!

Mandy Morbid said...


We play 1st e AD&D + 3.5 house-ruled hybrid.

As my darling friend Temper says:

"Don't hate me all I have is my youth, beauty, intelligence, charisma, talent, awesome job, perfect baby and perfect lover."

Anonymous said...

D'oh! Guess I should do my due dilligence before shooting my mouth off about shit I don't know anything about.

Now that I've actually watched a few episodes of the show it's pretty obvious you know what you're doing. I guess I was just PMSing.

XMaritoX said...

nice shots!

Chantal said...

hey:) i just wanted to thank you for posting your game videos.i think it really got me into gaming more,i'm fairly new to the game and my friends have to basically walk me through haha (but i'm getting there woohoo):P anyways a friend of mine showed me your videos and then i started checking out your blog and twitter\facebook to know when videos are up!:) it's really cool that you guys are doing these vids! love it! take care.

RPB said...

Those photos are excellent. (The fourth one down is my favorite.) Playing D&D "as" artwork... I never thought I'd ever see that. But it is art!


Robert B.