Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fuck. A Medusa.


Preston said...

Great stuff, Sasha is hilarious.

Nate said...

Haha, I'm pretty envious of your group. I've got two or three kids at my table, and no women.

At least I get to start a new campaign with a half-orc monk next week...

Shinobi said...

Great stuff.... though I'm a little worried about Sasha and her willingness to murder and desire to own an Inn LOL.
Will Satine get more airtime in future episodes?? Looks like she's hiding from the camera...... or sitting on the wrong side of the table (though Connie was pretty visible).
Pass my thanks to Zak please, since for some reason I can't post comments on his Blog.

Mandy Morbid said...

Half-orc monk. That's great!

I recently (and off camera) had one doomed character who lived only a short while which was two half-orc alchemists(stats as a single wizard) who in their youth had an accident with a love potion and ended up fused together on their left sides like Siamese twins. They were old by the time they began adventuring (lvl 1) as they had wasted their youth failing to detach themselves from one another.

Frankie's new vampire-darl-elf and her aquatic vampire boyfriend (an npc) ate them.

Thank you all for your continuing support!

Nate said...

It might sound like a oxymoron, but my playstyle is very much "charge in and save everyone" a half-orc monk in service to Bahamut is perfect for me.

Problem is, I always start shadowboxing when I play monks.

Spencer said...

"Frankie's new vampire-dark?-elf and her aquatic vampire boyfriend (an npc) ate them."

Only in RPGs can epic things like this statement happen.

Ever play and WoD games, or are you a hard core D&D person?

mort said...

"... fused together on their left sides like Siamese twins."

Wait, does that mean they were both connected on their respective left sides, so that if both were to take a step forward, they'd spin around?

That is genius. Pure, distilled genius. You make yourself immune to both backstabs AND become ambidextrous! ;) Unless of course they were left-handed orcs, in which case you'd lose two dominant hands. Which is shame, 'cause left handed people are just plain better at life. And yo-yo'ing.