Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Bit Out of the Mandy User-Manual or Not Impressed, Sir.

Email I got first thing when I woke up today but was too dazed by a combination of Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, and nasty photosensitivity (of the eyes, Hollywood is dazzling around noon) and sleep deprivation (hello insomnia, so pleasant to see you again) to respond to adequately: 

hi mandy..
ur the BEST by far !!! i feel you a master and i am a slave to you everytime i see your pics.
im a businessman from in the usa
i wana know how to arrange a session with you please ?

Well now, I am very flattered to have caught your attention Mr. Business Man but I'm sorry to inform you that I am not a dominatrix, or a prostitute (session is vague). And if I were I wouldn't take an offer like that seriously.

Here's some helpful info about Mandy and how she rolls:

I live in a one room studio apartment with a painter, writer and occasional--like myself--adult performer. Yes, you can find his work in many bookstores, and some of his paintings in fancy Museums in New York but we live modestly as my health care is quite expensive given that I have at least 2 or 3 different diseases and disorders of the autoimmune variety vying for attention everyday. And a few other kinds of medical conditions which like to tag along as well. All are in need of constant medical treatment.

 We travel when we can afford--and my health allows--it. 

I model as often as possible because I enjoy it but at the level I'm at---that doesn't exactly pay well.

I very rarely perform in adult films because, well, take a look at the list of things-wrong-with-me Zak has tattooed on his arm. They are tattooed because that's a lot to remember in an emergency situation, so the tattoo is a precautionary measure. "Here paramedics--these are her pre-existing medical conditions!"
But of course I would love to perform more often...under very specific circumstances and with people I know and trust and at the very least find very attractive!

For two or more years (approximately) I ran a free DIY hardcorn porn website. Because it was fun and something I usually could manage (because I was in charge) with my health issues. Right now that's gone and all there is, is this blog.

Aside from sex and travel I enjoy reading, playing Dungeons and Dragons with my friends, playing video games, learning languages, hiking and going to the gym with my friend Kimberly. I also like getting tattooed sometimes too.

If you admire me so, please feel free to purchase your copy of "Mandy Candy" from the link at the top of this blog page or pick a gift for me from my Amazon Wishlist, the link is likewise on this blog page but at the bottom of the list of links to my friends websites and my other pages. Gifts are always appreciated especially because I try to ask for useful and practical things, or if frivolous at least inexpensive things. If you include a return address I will send you a "thank you" package.

But I'm not interested in sessions and never will be. 

Possibly in the future you'll be able to find me on a live web-cam show, but if you are in any way disrespectful you'll be cut off instantly.

Thanks for writing!


Aaron said...

I just wanna say that while the topic of this peace was informative for that sketchy request, I think it's absolutely one of the sweetest things I've ever heard of that Zak has that tattoo.

Snarls-at-Fleas said...

This photo is so cute.
All the best to you and your friends.

Jack said...

I am sorry for your illnesses.

Solidarius said...

I have known of you for about two years. A friend sent me the Sasha grey vid and was trying to be funny( as u looked in some ways like someone i once knew)

over time I learned of your health issues. And was amazed at how you live. And felt as if I wasn't trying hard enough myself. Zak has to be the greatest man alive. The devotion he gives you( rather the goodness we all can read about) is rare indeed.

I find it not surprising that some rich Arab just expected to fuck/ watch you. They still have indulgences we don't need. Ever.

Keep on smiling. Keep on with dnd.

Diablo 2 was life btw. And keep blogging. I'll keep reading

The Oblivious Wonder said...

I've said this before as an anonymous comment (just "Ben", at the time), but what I enjoy so much about reading your blog is the consistent reminder that adult entertainment does not necessarily need to be home to misery, desperation, and exploitation.

As an avid (straight male) proponent of sex and gender equality, it was extremely refreshing to me to find a network of adult performers who present themselves as actual human beings with hopes, dreams, and interests of their own. It's a departure from the image put forth by so much mainstream technology where women exist for mens' pleasure and are, at all times, willing and ready to bone anyone with a cock.

It's unfortunate that the perception of women in so many countries (including our own, to a tragic extent) is such that an adult performer is viewed as the same thing as a prostitute. These are two very different professions, separated by the essential notion of need.

At any rate, in short, thank you for this blog and, by extent, for opening your life in the way you have. And to Zak, that tattoo is one of the sweetest things I've ever seen.

If you're ever bored while you're effectively bedridden, my blog is a collection of half-written fiction, and I'd be delighted to hear what you think of it :)

bairdduvessa said...

i've gotten similar emails from the middle east asking the same things, only i'm an out of work mental health counselor...
otherwise this blog was very informative.

Lorensoth said...


Zak is a very lucky guy, and so are you. Of course many guys are attracted to you, but I was touched that he has all that info on himself. Not many guys out there that would show such love these days.

Sad that the site is gone, but looking forward to webcam stuffz. I can only hope with the coming Spring you start to feel better so you can go out hiking.

See you in SG land :D

Anonymous said...

I'm the full-time carer of my wife Susan, who has fibromyalgia, myofascial pain syndrome, interstitial cystitis, migraines, sleep apnoea, and a few other things - oh and I'm a gamer too, which is something else she has to endure. :-)

Susan has had to give up a lot over the last decade or so and doesn't know what she is capable of doing, not only day to day, but sometimes from hour to hour. But she has a positive outlook and a fantastic sense of humour. Most days we have a laugh and some fun.

Anyway Mandy, just wanted to say that it's great to see you too have a good outlook and sense of fun, not to mention the great team you and Zak obviously make. With all that you go through, these things make all the difference.

Czernobog said...

Those "Rich Arabs" tend to be fortunate enough to have expensive private schooling, and I doubt even some Kuweiti suit would use a sentance like "ur the BEST by far!!!" Whoever he is, he does have an eye for beauty.

@Mandy Saw you on the Hawtness blog and quickly became a fan. That Tentacle rape thing was the funniest thing to ever give me a boner, or the hottes thing I ever LOL'd at. I don't know, I'm confused now. Anyway, glad I found this blog, sorry to learn of your medical issues, your stunningly gorgeous, and I hope you keep up the good work.

Also, is this User-Manual available for purchase? Enquiring minds want to know.

Anonymous said...

mandy -
i'm constantly impressed and humbled by your grace and abilities as a model. sorry you had to deal with the thoughtless email.
hope things are good in your life - sounds like you have a very caring boyfriend who's got your back. keep up your excellence :)

brandonconstans said...

I have a a Gastrointestinal & Immune disease . I find it hard to, it just comes and goes as it pleases . It makes life fun eh! I'm an artist and i like zaks work of you.when you do porn or pose nude there is always going to be strangers that want something from you.the same thing when show art,not as weird though.

Anonymous said...

Hi,I saw you today with your friend, I was in class. I really like your photos and I want more...How can I contact you? Kisses

jenny said...

My boyfriend and I watched Riot Grrrls recently(I was a Riot Grrrl back in the 90's heyday, so the title certainly brought back fond memories!) and thought you were so beautiful. Now that I've found your blog, I'm doubly impressed, since your writing is so intelligent and sensitive. And you're a D&D girl as well! I tried to start Cthulhu gaming groups so many times and could never find enough girls.

I'm sorry to hear of your health problems. My boyfriend has chronic Lyme disease, and has a lot of other health problems as a result, some that correspond with yours. If you haven't been tested for it, it may be something that you want to look into, since it's such a sneaky and common disease. Paticularly if you feel that you might have chronic fatigue syndrome. Good luck with everything!

jenny said...

Oh, you live in Hollywood! Then we definitely could recommend doctors if you need it! We used to live in L.A., but have been driven into the horrid suburbs.

jenny said...

Hopefuly my numerous health comments aren't obnoxious, but I read a little farther back in your blog and saw just how horrible your allergies are: my boyfriend's are the same way, and he did NEAT therapy ( ). His allergies are still bad, but the therapy did improve them a lot. I see that Joseph Sciabbarrasi is on that list--he's an M.D., but really aware of naturopathic medicine, and he was the one who finally able to diagnose my boyfriend's Lyme disease as well. So I'd definitely reccommend him. Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

You know, you probably feel that New York is your home where you have all your friends and your life.

But at some point, maybe you should consider becoming one of the health care refugees, and relocate to a place where the COST of your health problems is a non-issue.

Not right now perhaps, but it is an option when the bills start growing over your head.

Anonymous said...

hi mandy..
ur the BEST by far !!! i feel you a master and i am a slave to you everytime i see your pics.
im a student from in the usa, as u might expdect given that im a student from Delaware
i wana know how to arrange a dungeons & dragons session with you please ?

Anonymous said...

is that an eyehategod tattoo?

Mandy Morbid said...

Yes that is an Eyehategod tattoo.

Shug2 said...

You seem like a fun and cool chick. :D Love the D&D sessions!

Anonymous said...

Ack all those conditions! A rather severe price to pay for beauty and talent!

I'm lucky only to have had the insomnia as a constant companion, at least it doesn't hurt.. Though not having had a single full night of sleep in nearly a decade.. Sometimes being in pain might help somnambulate my corpse through the day.

A friend of mine runs her corset making business from home and suffers from fibromyalgia.. It astonishes me how kind and unjaded she is. I'd be, well even worse than I am now.

Sweet Nausea Photography said...

This post nearly made me cry... Firstly, Zak's tattoo is the most heartwarming thing I have ever seen on a human being.
That and the sheer thought of you living with so many disorders. Being a fibromyalgia sufferer myself, and having been for more than a decade, I know how rough that can be to start with, without any extra baggage.
Kudos to you for succeeding and making something great of yourself despite the pain, fatigue and other ailments.
Lots of love and strength

Roanoke said...

I'm an avid reader of D&D With Porn Stars. I think it's amazingly awesome that Zak has that tattooed on his arm. It shows an incredible amount of devotion and is really inspiring.

It does suck having a disease which restricts you from traveling. I have a form of epilepsy myself which is usually treated by medication. There's always that underlying fear of seizing, though -- especially on road trips and things like that.

Just seeing that someone cares enough to get his partner's pre-existing conditions tattooed on him made me smile. Thanks for that, simply amazing.

t said...