Sunday, October 11, 2009

Boobs and Things

-So the thing I hear is you've got this movie that's about to come out...

Yup! It comes out in November. It's called "Mandy Candy" and it was directed by Kimberly Kane (who also performs in it.) I saw it for the first time a couple days ago and it looks amazing. The trailer should be out soon. Some pics we took while shooting it are posted in one of the last blogs.

-Who do you fuck?

Kimberly Kane and Zak Sabbath. And I help Devi Lynn out a bit during her solo. A lot of the movie was filmed in my apartment. (So all you voyeurs get a peak into my home.)

-Don't we usually get a peek into your home?

Oh that's right! I forgot. My bed yeah, and sometimes the video game consoles show up. The shots are different in Mandy Candy, not as POV-ish or close in as the vids on my website. And there's a bit in my bathroom that I really like.

-So what's with that giant rabbit thing in your bed with the ears?

That's Kuromi. Zak Sabbath found her in Little Tokyo and we brought her home.

-Is it true that Kuromi is always trying to cause trouble for that rabbit that looks like Hello Kitty but isn't? And, if so, why? Because that rabbit is cute.

My Melody? I dunno why, Kuromi must just be mischievious by nature. I have a My Melody makeup bag. It's very small though. I think I need a bigger one. It's My Melody with strawberries and it reminded me Strawberry Shortcake from when I was it's hard to type when I don't have my contacts in or glasses on...

-I hear Tera Patrick has an all-Hello Kitty room and boys aren't let inside. Do cute anthropomorphic animals turn women into sex perverts?

They are probably sex pervs to begin with. I would like to see this Hello Kitty room Tera has.

-Isn't, like, your friend's boyfriend in her boyfriend's band or something?

He was. I don't know if he still is.

-It must be weird to be in Hello Kitty's boyfriend's band. I wonder if she goes to shows...

Yeah...-That would be so fucked up if she was like "Hey, you guys were awesome!" and then was like giving the drummer a blowjob in the bathroom after the show with her big wide head...

Yeah. You know I can't recall having ever given someone a blowjob in a bathroom.

-Plus she doesn't have a mouth...

Good point.

-I know I'm supposed to ask you more questions but I can't stop thinking about that Hello Kitty blowjob.


-Um. I totally had a question all ready to go, but...ummm...

Sometimes I want lips like the girl in that last pic. And hair. But yeah, sexy girls and Hello Kitty. It's a thing.

-Things are good.


-Things with boobs and...things.


Edylee said...

wow, u are really nice :), keep going ahead ;)

i love u

shaun said...

Hey, really love what u do :) u should do more tentacle movies, seeing it for real is amazing x am in love <3