Tuesday, October 27, 2009


>So I see you made Coco cum here--was that fun?

Looks like it. Okay. Fine. It was fun.

>You make it sound really boring.

More fun to do it than talk about it. Talking about it is kind of boring.

>I think this might be the cutest porn ever. There's no award for that--"cutest porn".

Cute 'cause of the giggling and mild awkwardness?

>It didn't seem awkward to me...

I think it just seems a bit that way to me when I edit it. Filmed it awhile ago.

>Anyway it was really cute, like I thought puppies eating birthday cake would explode out of it at any second.

Puppies eating birthday cake seems kinda gross to me so I'll just pretend you said My Little Ponies from the 80's and Rainbow Brite and whatever. Thank you.

>Puppies riding My Little Ponies on a puffy cloud where Rainbow Brite lives with those things that eat stars from Spirited Away.


>Was that your artistic aim?

I hardly ever have artistic aim. I'm more the impulsive type.

>Speaking of aim, what's up with AIM?

AIM is our adult industry medical organization. It's non-profit. From what I understand it has debts from a legal battle with Cal-OSHA: "Defendants California Department of Industrial Relations, Division of Occupational Safety and Health, Lee Welsh, and their agents and employees, are restrained from compelling or seeking to compel the disclosure of confidential medical records, HlV test information, and personal identifying information of Plaintiff and other patients of AIM without the specific written authorization of such patients; and 2. Defendant Adult Industry Medical Health Care Foundation is restrained from disclosing confidential medical records, HlV test information."--and now: "AIM has unpaid debts arising out of this case in excess of $170,000 dollars, and if those debts are not paid, AIM's clinics face the very real possibility of having to close its clinic's doors for good before the year is out."
(Copied and pasted from AIM's website.)

Performer's pay for STI and HIV testing out of pocket. Go to a regular doctor's office and ask for a HIV/PCR DNA test and they'll charge you half your month's rent. Plus most places don't do the HIV/PCR DNA test that AIM provides (unless you specifically ask for it.) Along with regular testing for other STIs as well as counseling services. Performers get tested every three weeks, or more often, or if you are like me and only work a few times a year before each movie/scene.

"The HIV/PCR DNA qualitative test will detect early HIV infection by looking for the inhibitory substance of the HIV virus itself. This test typically will find HIV between 10 and 14 days after exposure.

The HIV Elisa test looks for the person’s antibody response to the HIV virus. This test will detect HIV between 6 weeks and 6 months of exposure."

If AIM shuts down there will be lots of porn stars unwilling to perform since doing so would be putting themselves at much greater risk.

>I see. Well, that's considerably less cute.

Yeah. Considerably.

>So what else've you been up to?

Getting tit-fucked by the sexiest boy ever. Going to the gym with Kimberly. Doing laundry. Trying to write a D&D adventure (I procrastinate.) Reading Lord of the Rings again but it's boring in parts. Watching all the Sopranos seasons for the first time. On season 3 so far. Watching Zak draw. Trying to find plans for Halloween. Got a costume together--part bought (and altered)--part stuff I already owned. Having text conversations with my little sister back home. Not doing my Hungarian lessons even though I want to. Hanging out online in various places. Got a new bra that fits perfect! (28FF on the UK tag--28H US size)

That kind of stuff. Not that interesting I bet. No crazy threesomes with hot sluts or traveling recently. Waiting for Mandy Candy to come out next month!

>What're you gonna be for Halloween?

Batmandy! I don't want to get a red wig though so I'm using my own hair.

-Like because Batgirl had red hair?

Yeah. I have a brown wig but Zak says it doesn't suit me. (There's a version of Batgirl with brown hair too.)

-Which parts of the Lord of the Rings is boring?

It's boring up until they get to Rivendell pretty much. Then some fun elvish/dwarvish/wizardy story stuff happens.

-Would you have volunteered to take that ring to the volcano?

Could I like, fuck Aragorn along the way?

-I feel like he'd be clingy.

You know I don't even know I'd care. Never happened to me before. I don't know what that's like.

-He'd be all brushing your hair like he does with that horse and talking in his nasal emo voice...

You can't brush my hair it's too short. But if it wasn't I don't think I'd mind. I like it when people I like touch me. His voice is nasal but not emo. Emo sounds like this or this or anything Frodo says ever.

-You learn something new every day.


Anonymous said...

It's boring up until Rivendell? Tom Bombadil puts on the ring, and nothing happens! Also, you gotta describe how sweet the Shire was so the emotional impact will be stronger when they come back at the end of the third one and regulate.

Mandy Morbid said...

@anonymous up there. Tom Bombadil isn't especially interesting to me an neither is the Shire. I'm not into "earth" and "nature" and "home" and "tradition" and all that, surprisingly. I understand *why* the author thought such things were important, but I've read the books before and when you reread them, the bits you didn't like best the first time or two around get boring. Plus the whole *point* of the Shire is to be dull and traditional. Blah.
I want exotic and mysterious races and cultures and sword fighting and impending doom. The Hobits don't elicit much emotional impact for me.

bendingunit23 said...

Great video as always Mandy. As the season is drawing near... have you ever thought of doing mandy morbid the sexmas carol, get visited by the ghosts of sex past and future, maybe have the ghost of christmas present stop in for oral

Dorian said...

I've never heard of you before in my life till someone on a message board I visit mentioned you. Instant fan. You have an amazing look, and looks like a pretty cool personality to boot.

Good shit.

Mandy Morbid said...

Thanks Dorian.

baudot said...

True that, about parts of Lord of the Rings getting boring. I've been going back through them for the first time since 4th grade via Kindle. And you know, Tolkein's good in bits but on the whole I'll take Beagle or LeGuin over him any day.

Quoting Anonymous, above:
"Tom Bombadil puts on the ring, and nothing happens!"


Mátyás H said...

Dear Mandy! I arrived here thru Zak's awesome rpg blog. The only thing that shocks me is the fact that you have Hungarian lessons :) As a Hungarian I'm wondering why on Earth are you learning Hungarian? Its some family thing or what?

Mandy Morbid said...


Yes, it's kind of a family thing (I have relatives in Gyor) but also just interest not obligation. I want to visit Budapest properly and I feel like knowing the language will help, since unlike Berlin, I don't have any friends there who speak the native tongue.

Mátyás H said...

Although I'm living in the capital, my hometown is Gyor. Wow... You sound more and more interesting, I think I'm gonna follow your blog! Good luck for your Hungarian and also for your D&D module :)