Monday, July 6, 2009

Zak Smith (Sabbath)'s "We Did Porn" Book Tour.

--Copied from Zak Smith(Sabbath)'s Suicidegirls blog. I'm going with him on his book tour.

--That's ^^ the book. "We Did Porn".

"Rumpus Room San Francisco, CA Tuesday July 7 Time not yet determined

This is one of those multi-media events full of sex-positive type lesbians doing poems and performances and whatever. It is always hard to know how or what to read at a thing like this. I will just have to boyish-charm through it, is my strategy.

Moe's Books Berkeley, CA Wednesday July 8 7:30 PM Maybe my uncle will be there. I should call him I guess. I got a bunch of cigars for him here.

then we got... City Lights San Francisco, CA Thursday July 9 7:00 PM City Lights is serious literary turf. They had to book this date like 8 months in advance. Founded by Lawrence Ferlinghetti. Their press published Allen Ginsberg, Bukowski, Andre Breton, others. Some people walk into a place where there's history and they just like that a lot. Like Baudot who's going all over europe right now, enjoying, for all the world, being in places where things happened. I'm not really like that for some reason. Maybe because I'm from washington DC where shit is ALWAYS going down, and it always looks and feels like fuck-all.

Speaking of fuck-all: Barnes and Nobles New Haven, CT Monday July 13 6:00 pm

I am famous in New Haven, Connecticut. Why? Because once I went to the Book Trader coffee shop and ordered a roast beef and goat cheese sandwich and they were out of bread so I got it on two cookies. Went back 5 years later and the clerks were still talking about it. That's how boring New Haven Connecticut is.

Then: Museum of Sex NY Tuesday July 14 7:30 PM

Uh, then: McNally Jackson Booksellers NY Wednesday 15-Jul 7:00 PM I got nothing to say here. Soho. Boring.

Then: St. Mark's NY Thursday 16-Jul 7:30 PM

This place is like home. Just downstairs from the Cooper Union dorms--where I lived when I first moved to NYC. I used to go downstairs every day and pour (pore?) through the artbooks. NYC Lower East Side scenester Fly works there, or did. I have no idea where there's supposed to be room to read in there.

Skylight Books Los Angeles, CA Friday July 31 7:30 pm

This is like my new home. It's good to live near a book store. I went in there once and the guy;s like "Hey , our local celebrity" and I was like Seriously, man, we are in East Hollywood, I cannot even remotely qualify as a celebrity here. Danzig lives around the corner. Though, then I thought--maybe I am the closest thing around here to a celebrity that ever goes into a bookstore. Which is weird--LA is pretty anti-book. I saw Dennis Cooper read and like, 30 people showed up. One of the biggest literary writers living and like 30 people. I read up in Portland and there was a 7$ cover and 75 people showed up. Fucking Los Angeles. "

--Ok. So. This is where we'll be. That's my plans there for the next couple of weeks pretty much. There won't be much updating of my site probably. We'll see what I can manage.

--In the meantime there's that 8 min masterpiece shot by Zak of me giving him a lapdance.

--Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been a busy busy girl.


evilerik said...

theres a book store in tempe, az called changing hands. one of the golden girls was there just before dying.
-stay golden

Perspicacious01 said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. Hope you both have a great time. And you are right. The 8 minute lapdance is a masterpiece. You should just call it "8 minutes". That one is destined to be come a classic. :-)

Perspicacious01 said...


What the heck is wrong with you. I am a fan of her's. And you offend me. Please go away :-(

bairdduvessa said...

have a safe, fun trip!

poetowen said...

See you at Moe's tonight--

Events coordinator
Moe's Books

Lucy ~ said...

Mandy, you're freaking awesome :)

Anonymous said...

Might go see you in New Haven, CT. We aren't that boring.

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