Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mandy Morbid's Review of Zak Smith (Sabbath)'s New Book "We Did Porn" + Some Stuff About Canada Day

-So you're going with Zak Sabbath around on this book tour?

Yup! It's pretty nifty. We've done Portland and San Francisco already. New York in a couple days. (I'll re-post his reading/signing event schedule at the end of this blog.)

-So what the fuck is this book and why should we care?

Ok. To put it as simply as possible it's a book that has like 300 pages of true stories that happened to Zak, and me, and most of the people you've seen on my site, and the people who make the movies we are in. It also has 100 pages of drawings and paintings in it that Zak drew or painted (because his real job is mostly being a painter--not being an alt porn star) of the girls and people who were around. The stories and the pictures don't "match up" though (like they do in a comic book). They are separate pictures of the same things.

You should care because if you are interested in learning more about me, or girls like me, or my friends, and our lives (like what it was like when we made "Hospital" for example) then reading We Did Porn would be a good way to do so because we are all in it.

We have different names in the book, but I like to think my fans are clever people and can figure it out. (I'm "Candy Crushed", you get that one for free.)

Or, if you like fantastic extremely beautiful and complicated art and fantastic extremely interesting and complicated (and funny) writing then you should also care. Because the book is those things too.

-So the writing is good? Can you prove it?

Here is a link of an excerpt (a part of the book about Sasha Grey being on the Tyra Banks Show): (copy paste!)

(I sent that link to my dad and I think it shocked him a little. Which I didn't really think was possible anymore. I know he thought it was interesting though, despite being surprised.)

Here is Kimberly Kane's blurb about it (she's doing a contest where if you send her a pic of you with your copy of We Did Porn she'll send you free porn): (copy paste, then scroll down a bit!)

Here is the link to's review:

Here is a link to our friend author/sex worker/activist/director Audacia Ray's review of it: (copy paste, then scroll down a bit!)

Here is Gram Ponante's review--again scroll down a bit:

Here is the stuff I have copied and pasted from's We Did Porn page:

"Intelligent, frank and often hilarious meditation on the author's dual career...The pleasure in this book comes not from living through the author's atypical experience, but in being taken deeper into areas of thought commonly perceived as taboo—a wild, entirely worthwhile ride." ."—Kirkus Reviews

"Smith’s take on the industry is vivid and insightful, including observations on people, politics and American culture—the push-and-pull between the Right and those who want the right to screw."—Kirkus Reviews, Nonfiction Supplement

"Will appeal to those who like things a little kinky."—Publishers Weekly

"A fascinating synthesis of words and art..."—

"An intelligent, funny, and self-aware reminder that intelligent, funny, and self-aware people do in fact choose to work in the porn industry...It is all incredibly interesting and entertaining."—Alison Hallett, The Portland Mercury

"The subject matter — combined with his clever imagery — couldn’t help but keep it fascinating... It reminded me of David Foster Wallace’s hilarious, equally dense essay “Big Red Son”...Smith and Wallace have similarly breathless, heady writing styles and We Did Porn could easily serve as a porn insider’s compliment to Wallace’s journalistic-outsider perspective."—Alex Peterson, Willamette Week Online, is that proof enough? Or you could just trust me since you know I have good taste in literature (if you've been paying any attention to me at all over the past year or two I've been doing this porn thing and writing stuff on here).

-Ok, fine, I'll buy it--what else is going on?

Oh, there was Canada Day with Kimberly Kane, Zak, Daniel/Danny Wylde, with absurd 80ies German dog porn that had a whole plot, and locations and a soundtrack. Subtitles. Which Zak read to us all aloud in his fake German accent. And a little tiny bit of Canadian beer for me.

Dogs are pretty gross now. "Das hund naturally!"

Um, what else, hmm, I got to hang out with Quinne Suicide a bunch this week. Which was very nice.

As you can see in the lapdance vid that's up on right now I shaved my mohawk off a couple months ago and my hair is starting to look good again. My wife in Berlin (Temper Suicide--keep up people!) says its "very 80ies Berlin punk rock". There's been photos on Twitter if you are cool enough to be following me.

Oh, yeah, on Twitter I'm MandyMorbid.

My lil brother just went to his high school prom. Weird.

I had an asthma attack earlier this week and now I've got a bad bad cold. This is how Zak describes me in my current disgusting state:

"Mandy caught a cold somewhere along the line so, next to me, the most beautiful woman in the world is nozzling snot and grunting in her sleep like a snouted zoo animal."

I think that's really great.

Quinne is sick too. Did you know that she and I were born less than two hours apart, same year, all that. She is my astrological as well as my boob twin. Here is what she said about Zak's book:

"later i met up with zaksmith and adria to go to berkeley for zak's book reading/signing for 'we did porn'. let me tell you freinds, it was fucking amazing. just from the few parts i heard zak read last night i am SO impressed and excited to read the whole thing.
(then we ate some greasy pizza shhhhhhhh!)"

Ok. So that's what I've been up to. I'm probably forgetting stuff. Oh well.

-Was the dog porn hot?

No. The women were atrocious, snaggletoothed and cow tits and acne scarred and concave faced. Nightmarish. Which isn't surprising is it? You wouldn't think the girls agreeing to fuck poodles on film for money would be the prettiest girls around would you?

-Was Canada Day hot?

No. But it was funny and strange. It was novel if anything.

-Was Quinne Suicide hot?

She is adorable.

Oh, and here are more upcoming book tour dates where Zak and I will be:

Barnes and Noble New Haven, CT Monday July 13 6:00 pm

Museum of Sex NY Tuesday July 14 7:30 PM

McNally Jackson Booksellers NY Wednesday 15-Jul 7:00 PM

St. Mark's NY Thursday 16-Jul 7:30 PM (actually in a location near there, sponsored by them, I found out)

Skylight Books Los Angeles, CA Friday July 31 7:30 pm

Bookslut Chicago, IL Tuesday August 4 7:30 pm

Bumbershoot fest Seattle Sept 6

They tell me then maybe Minneapolis. Then maybe the UK.


Lorensoth said...

Wow you guys are hitting up all the big city kinda places :P

Wish you would stop in RI or MA, Id love to get a book autographed by you :)

Have fun and hope you feel better soon ;P

Perspicacious01 said...

Being on a book tour for such a provoking work of art sounds so exciting!

You are both so talented and interesting. You are lucky to have each other.

Much Fun to both of you...

Your Fan


Frog God said...

for you mandy morbid websight videos
-in a forest/camping
-animated/hentai (voice over)
a cartoon vertion of you

-screwed by ghosts

Ser Ø said...

Hi, Mandy.

Love your stuff, I'm always looking for it every week. I just watched the behind the scenes of the last Nadia Nitro video and I think it's awesome! I think you should make lots of videos like that, 'cause is really hot and funny and wonderful.

For me, that's what's great of all your videos, you know, it looks like your having a great time and I love to watch that.

All the best.

Ke.r.o. said...

are you gonna sale the book on spain maybe?