Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Satine Pheonix and Mandy Morbid get Messy.

-So who's this?

This is Satine, she is one of the first girls I ever worked with. She's luscious, it's the best word to describe her, and has a talent for making you feel completely at ease. Not that it was all that difficult to feel at ease when you're naked on a pile of candy and chocolate you know you get to eat. I love this footage, especially when we get all shiny and sticky.

-When was the last time you saw her?

At AVN, which was far too long ago. Before that we had lost her to Australia for six months. Which was very sad.

-What did you guys do?

We tried to go to a party and failed, so we wandered around the "circle bar" at the Venetian, when our feet hurt we went and had a snack and coffee. The next time we saw her was again at the Venetian at a fetish-sex party, she had the role of "orgynator" and so was very busy. It was nice to watch her run around the party in latex or nude, I wouldn't have been able to stay at a party like that if it weren't for her.

-Did you eat her pussy? And, if so, was it tasty?

I did a little, her outfit at that point was rather complicated. She's very tasty. But she ran off to go to the bathroom and then disappeared for ages. My other friend and I did manage to find some entertainment while she was gone though, thanks to a pretty British girl and her game of twister, which led to much more fun shortly after.

-What was the last book you read?

I just read a book called "Disgrace" J.M Coetzee. And I am currently reading "Stranger in a Strange Land".

-What's "Disgrace" about?

It's about a late-middle aged white professor in South Africa, and his issues with his sexuality as he ages, and his relationship with his lesbian daughter. There's a fair bit about rape and poetry too.

-Like parts about rape and parts about poetry or about rape and poetry together?

All of the above.

-So there's stuff about how poetry is like rape? What's that mean?

No, not about how poetry is like rape, about how he tries to use poetry or poetic language to describe sexual assault or uses it to try to seduce a young student of his into fucking him , or how he thinks in terms of "the great poets and their work" when dealing with the subjects of desire, rape, etc.. There's also a more violent episode of rape in the novel, in which there is much less relation to the poetry parts. And there's poetry in the novel that is about love and lust but consensual.

-Books are fun.

Yes, and in this one of course, because it's set in Africa, there's the not so subtle ideas of "rape" or "wrong doing" in the sense of what the white people did to the black people there and all that historical and political stuff.

-What'd you do last night?

Last night Kimberly Kane and her photographer friend took me around in nothing but 4 or 5 inch heeled knee-high boots and took photos of me shivering (but in a sexy way) under tunnels and of me laying on the fucking sidewalk by an empty star on Hollywood Blvd. It wasn't very late and there were people and cars everywhere. But we were successful.

-"Successful" creatively or in the sense of not getting arrested for public indecency?

Both, I think.

-Before you go, you should probably answer some of this mail piling up in the "comments" from last weeks blog--Farson asks for longer videos--what would have to happen in order for you to have enough time to post longer videos?

Well I spend money to shoot these videos and run the site--if you want more, then click on the links and buy things through the site--then the site makes money and can expand--simple.

-There's some sort of incoherent thing about "Zoolander"...

Yeah, if you write me incoherent or creepy comments or mail,even if they're are complimenting me (which is nice), expect to be ignored. I am not wasting my time answering nonsense when I can be making more porn.

-"Anonymous" wants to know where the videos are...

I don't understand why this question is being asked, but I'll answer it anyway. You watch the videos at www.mandymorbid.com, you download quicktime if you don't already have it to view the videos. There is a prompt to the quicktime page under the video-play box.

-"Algerythem and blues"--(I think s/he means "Algorithm")--asks about, instead of buying stuff through the store, just outright donating money to the site via paypal--can people snailmail checks to you somewhere until that's set up?

They can and that is very much appreciated. If you would like to simply make a donation please contact me at mandy@mandymorbid.com and I will give you an address to send donations to.

-People in general ask a lot of questions about adding features to the site--pause buttons, rewind, still photos, downloading, etc.--what do you say?

Seriously--use the links on my site, to buy stuff, as that will go a long way in contributing to my ability to add features and more content.

-Anything else this week?

Not really. Other than, let me know what you all think of Satine and me.


If You Can't Beat 'Em said...

My boyfriend and I thoroughly enjoy everything you do on your site, and we find your blog entertaining to boot. Every week it's like, "ooooh, new mandy video is up!" Then we cuddle in bed and dig every second. Thanks for doing what you do. <3

eccentric_ghost said...

This last video was pretty good. You're always the shining star though Mandy.


eceentric_ghost said...

Oh and by the way I some shots you did with Nathan Appel. I have to say the one of you in the wool jack with your hands on your hips is GORGEOUS.