Monday, January 7, 2008

Glitter Toenail Polish and Kimberly Kane's Genitals

-So--um--do you have, like, a foot fetish?

Uh...Maybe, that video is pretty hot. And I certainly enjoyed trying get my foot up in Kimberly's pussy.

-So you're saying you discovered something new about yourself when you put your toes in Kimberly Kane's snatch?

I usually respond pretty positively sexually when someone gets real excited about something about me. In this case, Kimberly was all into my feet. So I got all into using my feet.

-That's interesting--What did you get for xmas?

A butt plug, a fake jellyfish tanks that lights up and they're supposed to swim around, a comic book, a zebra stripped suitcase, very very cool earrings, make-up, video games, a "how-to-draw-comics" book, a wooden hand for drawing hands, a vase with boobs from my grandma....stuff like that.

-Do you draw comics?

Not really, I'm trying to. Or I'm starting to.

-Will they be porno comics?

I don't know, I'm just doing the drawing part, someone else is responsible for the story. And I do not know what they have planned.

-So the person writing the comic is kind of like Kimberly Kane--if they're like "Draw foot-fucking" you'll be all "Ooooh, fun!"?

Something like that. I think.

-Have you thought about trying to use all your xmas presents at once--like hiding in the boob vase and reading the how-to-draw book to see how to draw the model hand with your right hand while trying to beat the fake jellfish at a video game with your left hand while wearing make-up and earrings and hiding in the boob vase with a plug in your butt?

No, the vase is too small and I need both hands for video games. And those drawings would probably suck. A lot.

-Because you had a plug in your butt?

No. I bet the butt plug would improve the drawings. I should try it. I haven't used it yet.

-Can you explain why you think having a plug in your butt would make you draw better?

Yes. When I used to draw all the time and was better than I am now--because I stopped for awhile--I did drawings I was happy with when I really wanted to get fucked. I think the butt plug might help get that feeling back. You know, like get me in the "zone". 0_o

-So are you saying that you can't draw now that you get to fuck Kimberly Kane or somebody every week?

Maybe. All that energy is being used up....

-So after you foot-fuck Kimberly do you just lay exhausted on the carpet moaning like a dying mule?

No, we ate mexican food.

-Did it give you back your "energy"? Could you draw after that?

Nope. After we ate mexican food I probably went home and lay around like a dying mule. Gone are the days when I could fuck 3 times in a row and then get up and clean my apartment. Oh well.

-So do you think a lot of porn girls would live in really clean apartments and draw comics if they couldn't get laid?

I know some that would! But I won't name names.

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