Saturday, October 2, 2010

What's up Mandy?

- I just shot a set with my friend Sarah. (She's Sawa on Suicide Girls.)

Oh yeah? What was it like?

-It was all creamy and sun dappled and autumnal. I had nice shoes on.

Autumnal with tits or autumnal without tits?

-With tits of course!

What do you think do you this economy?

-It sucks. That's what I think.

According to economists we are technically no longer in a recession.

-Oh really? Tell that to the strippers.

I will gladly tell that to the strippers--bring them over here and I will tell them.

-They will rejoice....eventually....whenever it is they can tell we're no longer in a recession. I doubt it will be soon.

What else is going on Mandy?

-I'm flying to NYC the day after tomorrow. For an art show opening and some photoshoots and hopefully D&D with the "Yale friends".

Do they all talk about nuclear physics and rocket science?

-No they talk/argue about art a lot. And laugh at seemingly mundane things which are actually crazy insane things but most people don't notice or care.

What's an argument about art that they've had?

-It's usually someone says they like some artist's work and then someone else says that's weird and stupid and "why".

Are they witty and urbane like Stewie and Brian on Family Guy?

-Yes--they are like that.

So you wanna hang out with a talking dog and a baby with a football for a head?

-Wouldn't you?

If you had to go out with Brian or Stewie which one would you go out with?

-Ew....Brain 'cause he's not gay and I like guys who will fuck me.

So you would have sex with a dog rather than a person?

No. Brian isn't a real dog he's a cartoon. The other choice is a baby who's gay. Really?

I think Stewie is bi, or what they call in psychology polymorphous perverse.

-Bi? Oh well then Stewie obviously. 'Cause he's not an alcoholic dog and I prefer sober creatures most of the time.

What about Peter?

-Nope. Gross.

What if it was the law, like Barack Obama said "Mandy must have sex with Peter Griffin. This will benefit all Americans, not merely the wealthiest among us"?

-Seeing as how I'm not American I don't give a fuck about what Obama thinks will benefit all Americans...if he's talking about having sex with an obese, lewd, immature, idiotic cartoon man.

What if he said that if you don't the terrorist win?

-I don't think anyone even knows what that would mean---not even the terrorists. Besides, those terrorists don't hate Canadians as much.

Well of course not they don't have as many freedoms and terrorists hate freedoms.

-I think Canadians have more freedom in many ways due to societal infrastructure and stuff, but hey if they think we have less hateful freedoms then maybe we'll get along better.

Yeah you should probably keep pretending that you have less freedoms.

-Yup. Hey did you know everyone I know got pets this year? EVERYONE. And two of my friends got engaged as well. Weird, everyone is growing up or something.

Pets hate our freedoms.

-How so?

They're all like "Oh you can't go out 'cause you have to take care of me tonight." "Oh you gotta go to work so you can afford to buy me food." "Hey stop doing that and take me to have my worms removed.""Hey stop having sex 'cause I'm watching and I'm a dog and it's weird."

-I don't really care if my dog is around when I'm having sex. He's just a dog he doesn't care.

He hates your freedoms that's the important part. Plus what if your dog was Brian from Family Guy?

-Do you think Brian hates your freedoms?

Maybe, he's racist.

-Oh yeah I forgot about that---now I really don't want to fuck him.
Ok people who read my blog--I want to know if any of you have read the article about feminism in the latest issue of Harper's. (Well I think it's latest issues--it's in the other room--'cause it's the last one mailed to me.) If so, what did you think? I was slightly offended by it--but I'm not going to write much about that now.

Have you ever read anything else Susan Faludi?

-I don't know. I should pay more attention to who's writing what I read I suppose.

I liked her book Backlash. She provided a lot of evidence to back up what she was saying with things like, about how TV networks pulled shows that were doing well off the air just because the female characters made the execs uncomfortable. There were detailed interviews of facts and shit. What was the thing you read about?

-I actually really liked most of the content of the article which is about the division in feminist theories between 2ond wave and 3rd wave and "new" wave feminism and about materialism and capitalism and there's some brief history of feminism in there as well. What I didn't like was how at the end she seemed emotional and condescending. It got a bit too personal.

Well you know how women are.

-Yeah unfortunately I do.

So what did she say exactly that bothered you?

-She seems to think that young feminists and their ideas and means of expressing themselves are "infantile" and "weightless" and "ahistorical"and essentially frivolous and useless. Which I think is kind of silly and dismissive and condescending.

So basically she's accusing younger feminists of being exactly what sexist men think women are like?

-Hmm. I don't know if I'd put it that way.

Well that is what they'd say. She sounds like she's just being like "Hey kids get off my lawn."

-That's what the article is about though, this schism in feminism.

And she joins in.

-Yes and the end of the article she does.

So she's describing a problem of which she is a part?

-Yes. That's what I meant when I said it got too personal. She made her own feelings on the subject obvious.

You should invite her over so you could talk about it.

-I doubt she'd want to talk to me.

Why not?

-I'm not an academic for one thing, I'm not educated (well traditionally), I'm not a writer, I'm not involved in any feminist organizations, and I'm a nude model, stripper (sometimes) and I've done some porn. I'm 26. I'm the last kind of female she'd want to discuss this with.

Oh well.

-Yeah my loss really.


Anonymous said...

Will have to look up that article. The part you relayed sounds like the traditional "get off my lawn" complaint. The "previous generation" tends to ignore the possibility that the "current generation" knows and simply disagrees. Once that's filtered out of the article, the details become interesting. What she says they ignore are points important to her in some way. That's useful for seeing the different viewpoints.

Most of what I've read lately that might be classified as "feminist" is more "who the fuck cares which genitals are there or which gender-norm they appear to be"-ist, so maybe my perspective's a bit skewed. (e.g. I tend to watch what May Maym says, even if I don't always agree with the degree of sensitivity.)

bairdduvessa said...

she'd be a fool to not talk to young strippers. they see men for who they are.
the problem is that there is no clear course definition of feminism; i've known some brilliant feminists (male and female) whose views were so myopic that they hurt the cause of equality every time they spoke, while others are so focussed on one aspect of the whole that parts will never evolve fully.
i dunno i've never really cared for any "ism" that wasn't focused on society as a whole despite gender, creed, etc.
okay i'll stop rambling.

im sorry im not on twitter as much anymore but, how are you feeling these days?

Anonymous said...

A bunch of people I know from high school or college are either engaged or already married. It seems kind of weird (I just got my BS in May so I'm pretty young).

Also, it's funny about the animal cause I had a g/f who would always say something about the cat being in the room hahah.

Brian said...

Can't wait for the new set! I would like to hang around "educated" people more myself, but when people think of themselves as "smart" they tend to get a bit pompous.

Granted thats a bit of a generalization on my end, only got some college edumacation under my belt and that was just for Graphic Design. But my favorite topics lean towards things most people hardly ever consider discussing /sigh

Wish I could visit u guys in NYC, but I work Mon-Fri and am in a performance on the weekends :(

chris said...

that was awesome. I'm so glad I found time to read it all.

Anonymous said...

You're from Montreal? Habs fan?

Jonathan said...

You should really read Amanda Marcotte's response to the piece. Here's her blog:

I would also suggest reading the Yes Means Yes blog.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading quite a few of these types of articles lately, simultaneously bemoaning the state of feminism because young people "aren't doing it right" and blaming older people because they are stuck in the past.

I think the key (and as a man, my opinion is obviously relevant...) is to stop defining feminism as a movement, as a politically aware institution, and start thinking of it as a shared perspective on women's lives, rights, and privileges. Some feminists are pro-sex and pro-porn; some are not. Some are anti-man; some are not. Some the equal but different argument; some do not.

Rather than see this as a problem, let's look at it as an acknowledgement of the diversity in what femininity means to people.

james said...

Mandy Morbid! Love this girl;]

Anonymous said...

Mandy, Like the singer DIO says: Shiny diamonds like the eyes of a cat in the black and blue

i love you

James Dale said...

I think Gloria Steinem makes a very good counterpoint to that article: ma

Bravestarr said...

You are so ridiculously hot.

Anonymous said...

Im not sure if we're even dealing with Feminism at this point... it more accurately described as Slutism.

The girls inherited the new rights and basically made gaping anus porn with them. Gotta love women!

advice for the 'old guard feminists'... never trust women, they'll screw you over every time!

Ty said...

I can't decide what your best feature is: that you're a fellow Canadian, that your play D&D, or your voice (best part of "I Hit It With My Axe").

Royce Icon said...

This post was awesome.

Anonymous said...

Sweet interview

I fail to see how having with Peter Griffin would benefit America anyways, so fair answer