Monday, July 12, 2010

What's up Mandy?

- Um. I don't know. So much has happened since we last did one of these.

What did you do since last we talked to you Mandy?

- Started moving into a new apartment, almost finished an application for university, decided I will get a Scottish Terrier--a rescue and preferably an older dog not a puppy, Vivid stayed with us for a week, played D&D, that sort of thing.

Did Viv play D&D?

- Yup.

What kind of character did Viv play?

- She was an elf thief.

What's your major gonna be?

- Specialization in Psychology (Behavioural Neuroscience).

Why that?

- Because I've done far more informal research on the subject than anyone without a degree should ever be asked to, and I used to work with developmentally delayed children with autism and cerebral palsy and so how the brain works and how people behave especially when the behaviour is abnormal is very interesting to me.

I see. I saw on Twitter that you also played D&D with Stoya.

- Yes we did.

What's she like?

- She's quiet. And a hippie. She played an elf druid. There was a nice mini. I think she enjoyed playing.

Did you do anything else while Viv and Stoya were in town?

-Stoya was only here for a day but Viv was here for two weeks. We went to a 4th of July party at SG Chloe's which was a lot of fun. Here is a picture from it. I am making the most hideous kiss face ever but it's funny. The kiddie pool was shaped like a shark and they actually boiled pots and pots of water to keep us warm in there.

-We also played mini golf with Zak, Kimberly, and Denis. Viv made Zak and I go see Steel Panther which was hilariously, shockingly awful and lewd. Chloe and Connie/SG Starla also were there on Steel Panther night.

What's Steel Panther?

- Steel Panther is a hair metal cover band. Apparently they've been playing every Monday night in LA for at least six years.

And they suck?

- How could they not?

Well, if by cover band you meant not a cover band and if by hair metal you meant definitely non-hair metal then they could be good.

-Ok...well I meant hair metal cover band.

Oh well then I guess in that case you're right. It confuses me that the pool was shaped like a shark.

- They make kiddie pools in all sorts of shapes now.

Yeah but how is a shark wide enough to fit people in it? Plus, sharks go into water, water doesn't go into sharks.

- I was gonna post a photo to explain it to you but a quick google search yielded no results. It's a fat shark and it's made of plastic so water can go in it, ok?

That doesn't sound very frightening to me.

- Who said we were frightened?

What's the point of having a shark if it's not scary?

- I dunno. You know what was scary--a month ago when I was in Montreal with my sister we watched Finding Nemoy for the first time--holy crap some of the stuff in that movie is disturbing. Fucking barracuda is terrifying. When I was kid the Red Bull in The Last Unicorn was bad enough, barracudas and blue whales are way more scary. (However, I did get to watch The Exorcist when I was eight so maybe barracudas are not as scary as possession.)

I had a roommate who was scared of Gene Simmons.

- Ok. Was it funny?

Yes, I used to ask him stuff like, he'd see a rat: what would rather was in the apartment--that rat or Gene Simmons? Or, Robert Bourk would be on the news and I'd say: who would you rather have over--Robert Bourk or Gene Simmons?

-What'd he say?

He'd say something like: well at least with Robert Bourk or a mouse I'd know how to get rid of him.

- And not Gene Simmons?

Have you ever seen anyone get rid of Gene Simmons?

- Um. I don't I've ever seen Gene Simmons. Or Robert Bourk.

You haven't seen him in real life but you've seen pictures and interviews. Anyway you've never seen anyone get rid of him--that's my point.

- Why not just tell him "thanks for the interview." Then he'd go away. Isn't that what happens on the YouTube videos?

No I think after you turn off the cameras he sticks around and pretends to sacrifice chickens. Well, that's what I've heard.

- I think everyone I know would find that amusing.

Why they don't like chickens?

- They like to eat chickens mostly.


Uninterested.Clown said...

Thanks for share Mandy!
You've a stunning body

I like your blog too!
you've got a really good taste.

Chris Lowrance said...

Ha! It will be awesome if my kids see you talking about brains on NOVA one day.

Gwynplaine said...

Last Unicorn shout-out FTW!!

bairdduvessa said...

you and vivid vivka? i'm never going to sleep again!
in all seriousness, it sounds like you are having fun :)

Ace said...

Hey Mandy, i first... "discovered" you i suppose while poking around on the escapist. I watched a couple of episodes of "i hit it with my axe". While all the girls there are very attractive, you stood out very strongly above the rest (only for the reason of personal preference). Only after the 4th episode did i read that you most of you where porn stars. and now i find out your from Montreal. Stunning and from my city. Love your work, take care

B.K. said...

There are many blogs, and on the whole I find them boring, written by boring people, talking about boring things. (So... cleaned my house again today... barf.) But not yours. I enjoy reading it very much. Interesting people with interesting lives help keep this shrinking world from becoming a spectacle of mediocrity. Keep rolling 20's!

Canned Man said...

I don't have much more to say than what he said… You're one of those interesting persons I'd love to have around. Well, at least I can read about you and watch you.

And yes, you're gorgeous! Just found out about you while searching for "dnd fighter" on Google. For some reason, one of your pics turned up.