Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I Hit It With My Axe--Blobs and Brain Switching


Punk Rock Toolbox said...

fuck, man, this vid just made me miss campaigning 2nd edition with my old buds...effing sweet

Anders said...

This is why a cautious DM never lets the players do anything until after lunch.

Some threads about this subject: (Steve Jackson Games, who release GURPS; I'm Asta Kask),27347.0.html (Skeptics' Guide to the Universe; I'm Anders; thread is now, for some reason, about nun porn)

Anonymous said...

Had my D&D group looked like you guys I probably would never have stopped playing.

Funny thing is...if I close my eyes and just listen, it sounds almost exactly like the games I use to play.

Nice work mandy.


Anonymous said...

oh you are so beautiful I love your photos they are so hot...I have a question hope I can ask you that...I think you have really nice and big boobs are they real because they look real...I am jealous

"The Nuance" said...

I think you should spend the time between games... DOMINATING YOUR WORLD!

*points at NationStates*

You could build the "Republic of Morbid" and make your national industry DnD figurines. That way poor Frankie could actually have a BLUE rouge. :0