Sunday, March 29, 2009

Metal And Hot Girls VS The Presidents

-So, what have you been up to lately, Mandy?

Ummm...I've made some porn, I shot my first gun--went with Zak Sabbath, Kimberly Kane and a good friend from was very frightening at first, and just slightly less frightning after doing it a few times, and I went to see some art today with Satine Phoenix, Zak and Darenzia. And last night Zak and I went to see Wolves in the Throne Room--who were AMAZING--and then spent the rest of the evening with KK and company at Tiny's in Hollywood. Also I've been watching PBS' American Experience documentaries about all the presidents, starting with Bush 1 and going backwards. Gotten to Lyndon Johnson so far. That's what I've been up to.

-Who do you like better: Jimmy Carter or Wolves In the Throne Room?

Wolves in the Throne Room.

-Darenzia or the Strategic Defense Initiative?

Ha ha. Darenzia of course!

-Kimberly Kane shooting a gun at a paper target or John Hinckley shooting a gun at Ronald Reagan?

I think I prefer metal and hot girls to almost anything having to do with former presidents at the moment.

-Well that ends that line of, ok, let's check the mailbag...Um, Fergus from Low Plains, South Dakota asks: "If you were an ancient hag nesting at the bottom of the sea and someone tried to steal your rime-encrusted gold doubloons, what curse would you lay upon them?"

Oh now that's a tough one. So many curses to choose from...I'm not sure this is a prudent line of thought for me to get into...

-Miles from Dayton wants to know: "Do you really like cum on you, or do you just pretend to like cum in your movies? And, if you say you do, how do we know you're not lying?"

Gah, there is nothing a porn girl can say that would make any of you people who ask these kinds of questions believe or not believe they actually enjoy something in real life. You either choose to believe us or you don't...or maybe, I can say this: "If I didn't really enjoy it, why would I be making videos for free with me getting cum all over me and putting it up online for free, if I didn't actually get something out of it?" Is that effective at all?

-Chuckles from Whitereach, North Carolina asks: "Who was your favorite general in the Civil War, and would you cosider doing a scene with him?"

Oh, both Lee and Grant were equally interesting. But I don't think I'd do a scene with either one judging from their photos, nor can I decide which of the two I would prefer when it comes to physical attractiveness.

-So no love for the minor generals?

They were all fucking nuts. Especially that one guy....Forrest? Is that his name? Not as attractive as Lee or Grant either those minor generals.

-What about General Burnside? Here's a picture...

Ummm, well he's got awesome sideburns. But he's got nothing on Benny Profane. And I bet he doesn't have Benny's nifty genital piercing either.

-Ok, let's do some music reviews, here's Isis "Holy Tears"..what say you?

I like it, I've yet to hear any Isis I don't like. But I like that one album best...can't remember what it's called. Or maybe there's two of 'em I like best, but I am horrible at remembering the titles of songs and albums I like. Panopticon? Is that what it's called?

-Yeah, I'd say...ok, what about's Burning Witch "Still Born"

I like this one too.

-What about this one: Leftover Crack "Ya Can't Go Home"?

It's good. Ok enough with the music quiz. It's time for the Tomorrow Show at the Steve Allen Theatre.


stephenogorman said...

Totally unrelated, but I think you have the best body I've ever seen.

Anonymous said...

I envy you for seeing wolves in the throne room. I missed my chance to see them a while back, I'm still kicking myself..

Aurie Catt said...

i love you.

Anonymous said...

Mandy! I love your new video. You look great, as usual.