Monday, June 23, 2008

Mandy Morbid & Satine Phoenix Consume Various Confections That Have Been Smeared Upon Their Naked Flesh.

-So what happens in this movie?

This is the long lost second episode of Satine and me rolling around in melted ice cream and chocolate and strawberry syrup. And also licking it off each other.

-When did you shoot it?

This was shot last summer. It was one of the first videos we made for

-Was it sticky?

Very sticky.

-Was it tasty?

Yes, very tasty. Satine is always tasty. But especially so with candy stuck all over her.

-What was the tastiest candy?

Ice cream and pussy.

-Pussy is not a candy. Don't you know anything about candy?

Pussy can be candy.

-Have you ever had candy at Satine's house?

Yes. Zak dumped a whole bowl of jelly beans on me. Satine always has candy at her parties.

-What happened then?

Jelly beans were discovered hours later when we got home the next day. Discovered in odd places. They fell out of clothes, were noticed stuck to my legs, was stuck in my belly button.

-You are not very careful about candy, are you?

Apparently not.

-Why aren't you more careful about candy?

It's so colourful. I must get distracted. I think I get distracted by pretty things.

-You don't seem to get distracted from Satine's butt.

That's because the butt is what's distracting me from other things.

-What was the worst candy?

There was some weird bon-bon type things that were not very good.

-Where did all that candy come from? Is there a store that sells candy for porn?

It just came from a regular store. We bought it. Like most people who want candy.

-Do you think most people who want candy probably want to lick it off Satine's butt?

Yes. Unless they don't like girls.

-Are there a lot of girls at these parties at Satine's house?

Yeah, I guess so. I'm not sure how many count as "a lot". At her birthday she sat on her cake and people ate it off her butt.

-That sounds like a better birthday party than I am used to...

It seems like Satine knows how to enjoy life.

-So you enjoy life by having people eat cake off your butt?

That's one way. She enjoyed it.

-Is she insane?

Who knows, she doesn't seem insane to me, but who am I to judge?

-Some crazy girl who eats ice cream off people's butts.

Yeah, only in this video she's eating it off MY butt.

-It's like an ouroboros.

Exactly like that.

-So, have you eaten candy in other pornographic circumstances lately?

Candy? Yeah, Zak pours candy hearts all over me after one of the times we fuck in Benny Profane's new movie. Here's the trailers (Boob and non-boob versions, respectively) for "Hospital!". Copy and paste in a new window to view.

with boobs:!/


-Do you fuck anybody else in this movie?

Yup! I got to fuck Coco Velvett. She is adorable. I can't wait to do it again.

-What should you do if you want to buy this movie?

Well once it's out I will let everyone know and then you can buy it from the link on my site.

-Oh, right...

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Richard said...

I look forward to saturdays so much thanks to you lol...thank you for the countless hours of getting me off haha <3